Chpwn, one of my favorite jailbreak apps developers, came up with a brilliant idea to figure out what mods and jailbreak apps iPhone users want and need. It’s called Tweak Tracker and it’s dead simple.

Anyone can submit tweaks or apps ideas to the website. Then anyone can vote on those same ideas. The one that make it to the top obviously get more chances of being developed.

I think Tweak Tracker is a great idea. The only downside I can see is that it will eventually get spammed and will have duplicate entries.

Go check it out then come back here and tell us what tweaks you’d like to see developed for the iPhone.


  • Burge

    Just been there and I’ve got to say it’s a good idea.

  • TG

    how do you vote for suggestions on that site?

    • Burge

      Tap the up arrow

  • Z

    You can already tell what the site will be in a short time when you get titles like “More intelligent users” as one of the top tweaks. Lame!

  • Ethan

    Wow. There are a lot of entries on there. Good going!

  • MikeLo

  • It’s a great idea, only does this exact thing, for all platforms too. You all should definitely check out