Ok don’t get too excited, this is obviously a fake. There is no such thing as the iPhone 5, at least for the time being. I came across this image by accident on Twitter, via Bizarro Comic.

I think it’s pretty funny. My favorite features? The “pie on demand” and “get out of jail free”.

What are your favorites?

  • Steven

    Lol look at the bottom right *does not contain a phone

    • KinGz

      Cant wait until apple creates the iRobot! Gota love that movie!

    • william

      you look at it

  • Jason masters

    Lmao I want one where do I preorder at www. Bizzarroapple.com

  • *Please consult manual

  • Go iRobot. I’m favoring the ‘Pie On Demand’

  • FAKE! But loooks real…lol

  • Kelly

    If you use the time machine feature, you could come back with the iphone 6.

  • Colten

    Give flu to ex’s 🙂

  • Braden

    Controls weather and stock market. lul

  • antonio

    go out of jail free … native jailbreak ???

  • Evil Kinegro

    I want the app that washes my cat. Then I can stop paying someone else to do it!

  • October

    Gives flu to ur ex, makes u invisible and how bout that awesome 3D camera!!!! Lol

  • Z

    @Steven iPhone 5 won’t need a phone app. It’s FaceTime only lol

  • @October While the iphone 5 might not contain a 3d camera there is a high possibility of an integrated augmented reality feature that supplements with googles mapping services.

  • Toimu

    But still no BJs…

  • Vomer

    Cures flu

    Gives flu to your ex

  • i want the i phone 5 dammeht ‘ !!!! lolz ‘ ! ahahahah ‘ !!

  • heelloo ..

  • jailbrake is unlock iphone4 u know log on is really

  • H

    *no fone—The very best part!

  • oh my God that’s incredible man I don’t believe it that is a mobile phone lol
    I wish I had IPHONE 5 :(. but I have already Iphone Four, but it doesn’t has so much application in it.

  • i like it

  • Matt

    theyre all fucking stupid

  • G

    This phone sucks. But I will totally buy it just because it can make broccoli taste like chocolate. LOL

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