The Dev Team recently confirmed there will not be a jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2 because iOS 4.1 is right around the corner and really, it would be a waste of time, but most importantly, a waste of exploit. This being said, I bet our favorite team of hackers is currently working hard on the iOS 4.1 beta release, trying to find a hole in there.

When asked on Twitter whether the 4.1 jailbreak will be a userland one (just like Spirit and JailbreakMe), MuscleNerd answered that it might, assuming Comex can pull it off, or else it might just be a good old jailbreak like RedSn0w and PwnageTool.

Obviously time will tell. However a little bird tells me Comex has more than one trick up his sleeves and I came to believe the next iOS 4.1 jailbreak will be a userland jailbreak as well.

What do you think?

  • Omni

    Im down. No matter, I appreciate their efforts.

  • Christ

    I hopee only for3.2.2 please

  • Jason Madison

    I’m just looking forward to 4.1 (jailbroken) so my muddled bluetooth reception/conversations will be fixed.

  • Collin nunemaker

    How do you downgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1/4.0 on a iPod touch 3 gen?????

  • Collin nunemaker

    Anyones help will be awesome cause I have no idea how

    • Burge

      Do you have SHSHs saved ?

      • KinGz

        The shshs method is such a pain! There has to be a way to do it thats more simple.

      • Burge

        No SHSH no downgrade it’s that simple

      • Z

        Hey Burge, you know of a safest way of resetting the phone to the stock settings removing all additional data/jailbreak without restoring?

      • Burge

        Go to reset in the iPhone, but it will not get rid of jailbreak. That’s done with iTunes and a restore

      • Z

        Thanks man

      • Nate

        Hello, i have my shsh file saved.. what process do i go to get to the 4.01? ive been looking all over but cant find the steps..

    • blackknightz

      well youtube it, you need to download the gfile of the update that you want save it as .ipsw. then follow a bunch of steps. it is hard but possible i did it on touch and iphone lasdt weel from 4.0,2 to 4.0.1 and its worth it.

  • Beakhand

    I think they should wait till 4.2 in nov .
    They are just playing into apples hand if they jailbreak 4.1

    • Austin

      Agreed. Waiting to jailbreak 4.2 would make more sense cuz of the iPad. Now they have to jailbreak 4.2 and 4.1

  • Angie

    Will this work on the ipad too? B/c i was about to jailbreak my iPad and accidentally updated to 3.2.2 not knowing it wouldn’t work. 🙁 I don’t want to wait till November for 4.2,and i tried downgrading but it’s impossible without the shsh blobs.

  • October

    No waiting until 4.2, I’ve been interested in j/b the past week but can’t since i have 4.0.2 : /

    • Simon

      I’ve had mine j/b with resn0w on 4.0.2 for weeks now, I won’t go to 4.1 yet though because what I’ve read about using r/s on 4.1 causes cydia to be very buggy. Also I agree that what is the point of going up with faulty j/b software when most cydia apps you had won’t work on 4.1 yet?

    • sean

      Ahem! You’re HOT! 🙂
      Just saying!

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  • Moshi

    Any jb will do. Just so those stuck without a choice can now be happy soon. Thank u.

  • tom

    the guys from dev team are a serious buncha workaholic iphone geniuses!!!!
    what they do for the rest of us users, and for free at that, is just off the hook!!
    these guys could and should make millions off this but dont. Ya have to appplaud these guys and what they come up with at each and every turn.
    my hats off to these guys. your all amazing!!!

    • Z

      I can’t understand the “cat and mouse” game. There is no cat and mouse game. “4.0.2 was just a patch of an exploit” I’ve been reading all over. IT IS and IT IS NOT. Apple’s face has been dipped into mud when they were exposed to MISSING a SECURITY HOLE that jailbreakme uses. As Apple’s customer, I wasn’t very happy about that. And I’d be even more unhappy to see no action from apple. So there, they HAD to patch it up to protect YOU and your data on the phone, and to protect their image/reputation. There WAS no cat and mouse game with 4.0.2

      Therefore, it will only be smart for dev team to come out with a jb for 4.1. My prediction is that 3G will be the first one to receive the gratitude of being jailbroken. And I honestly see no point of waiting till November for 4.2, which is not necessarily going to happen.

      I want to point out an obvious fact: jailbreaking is a BUSINESS for people that make it. Yes, the jailbreak is free, but it’s the entrance to another AppStore (Cydia, Rock) where tweaks, apps, themes are ALSO paid for. And in my opinion, a lot more users will pay for myWi than for a tethering plan from AT&T. How many iPhones there are I don’t know, how many of them are jailbroken, I also don’t know. But what I know is that I can add and multiply. Do the math, and see how profitable it is for the dev team to make the jailbreak free to public.

      • Joe

        Totally agree. I expect that a lot of kids (or adults infact) would not decide to jailbreak if it cost. They’ve done the right thing in making it free!

  • will


  • Tharlias

    Im an i4 user and I was devistated to open my box to see i Had 4.0.2.

    This 4.1 JB is needed for a lot of us new i4 users. Ive already decided on donating $50 to the dev team and buying a few cydia apps when I get it.

  • Paul

    Gosh I waited for the 4.1 Jailbreak for so long!! My iphone had been locked since the first day 4.0.2 was released!! I updated at the first day!! And the day before that I just got my iphone4!! Lol

  • quimson13

    If they get to jailbreak 4.1 will it work for 4.0.2 as well? (considering that you update your 4.0.2 to 4.1)

  • Chazzaaa

    When will i beable to jailbreak my iPhone 3G 4.1??

  • mark

    i really want to restore&update from 4.0.1 to 4.1 on my iPhone 3G. but i need to know if theres an official jailbreak for 4.1 for iphone 3G. I dont know if my iphone 3G is an MC model, but i can tell you that its a jailbroken ios 4.0.1. im awaiting my iphod touch 4th gen 32gb within 2 months. i want to update to 4.1 because of the fixed bugs in ios 4.0-4.0.2. i dont like ipod stuttering while playing games then crashing. i jailbroke my iphone because i wanted wallpapers and of course, multitasking. multitasking has been a VERY BIG part of my usage. please tell me when an official JB is released for 4.1 for iPhone 3G!! thanks guys! and of course…


  • Omar

    Hey, i just heard that the dev team came with a hardware jailbreak or whatever its called. Apperently the exploit will be able to jailbreak any MC models everytime a new firmware is released (Just like the MB models). I don’t know if this is true but it would be great of having to upgrade without worrying bout SHSH blobs. This would also mean that apple will need a new hardware.

    Im guessing the next model will be MA. Not saying its true but you never know (MC 1st, MB 2nd, MA 3rd?).

  • dino

    need to jailbreak ios 4.1 for ipod touch… so all of you who doesn’t agree n tell me to wait until ios 4.2 release, you can go to hell..

  • isakiel

    Hi everyone.I just got iPhone 4 with 4.0.2 and would like to jailbrake. I understand that I can’t downgrade to 4.0.1 so the question is whether I can upgrade to 4.1 and wait for 4.1 jailbrake anyway or should I back up SHSH and not upgrade to 4.1? Many thanks up SHSH and not upgrade to 4.1? Many thanks

  • onyx

    im dying to jailbreak my phone and itouch

  • Malcolm Soo

    Currently i’m using blackra1n on jailbroken my 3gs with 3.1.2. i’m facing problem on rebooting the device when it stuck or running out of batteries i need to run blakcra1n on rebooting the device, please advice.


  • alhamadi_55

    Good job guys

  • Ian

    Hi guys can somebody tell me how can i reset my account for itunes and somebody tell me how can i change my phone name if o connected it to computer it was given to me by my sister so the phone named by her how can i change it.

  • SAM

    you can reset your account from profil than tape EDIT and the named phone just go to her name ( your sister) and tape on than you can changed

  • @datrossboi

    we need this 4.1 jailbreak and if comex can make work like he does with jailbreakme then that will be great

  • Plz I need 4.1

  • Can I update iPod 2g 4.1? If so help me idk how to

  • The jailbreaker

    So will there be a jailbreak for 4.1

  • Walid

    Hi guys i’m looking for jailbreak 4.1 to my iphone

  • Walid

    Yes plz im looking for 4.1 for my iphone 3gs