There were certainly no shortage of complaints when the iPhone 4 was released, or perhaps there was no shortage of coverage relating to every issue users experienced. Whatever perspective you take there was an issue that didn’t receive much attention compared to the rest. There seemed to be a couple problems relating discoloring of photos in certain light.

TUAW reported on it briefly while forums seem to run wild with complaints. This wasn’t the only complaint regarding the camera as Apple’s discussion board showed us. Other users seemed to be getting a green blob appearing in their photos with the intensity of the discrepancy occurring while indoors with florescent style lighting.

Whether you’re in sunlight, florescent lighting or otherwise the hues given off will vary. It seems like this would be completely software based so I wonder if this will be among the fixes iOS 4.1 will offer. Apple didn’t mention this issue being addressed but then again they didn’t really acknowledge it as a problem to begin with. That doesn’t seem promising.

I certainly deal with very low quality of white balance when shooting pictures indoors with florescent lighting. You would have a hard time believing that the same crisp pictures I’ve captured in other conditions could possibly have come from the same device offering the yellow photos.

Are the readers of iDB having the same camera issues that those on the message boards speak of? Whether you do or not, do you think this will be taken care of with the arrival of iOS 4.1? Surely someone here is using a GM copy that could help us out. Let us know your thoughts in the perfectly balanced comment box below.

  • SGeeZy

    I have the same camera issues !! but my problem is that my pictures come out with a blue haze when I’m using the flash in a dark setting :o/

    • Austin

      I get that too. It was terrible right after I put a screen protector on the back and the lens was covered by it.

  • Ryan

    My iPhone suffers from the “shutterbug” issue, that is the virtual shutter for the camera just won’t open. I’ve tried a list of fixes but none has worked so far. I’ve been holding off on a complete restore, hoping that 4.1 would solve the issue. *crosses fingers*

  • October

    Hmm, i haven’t really experienced issues, except, the off coloring with indoor lightin. I usually move to a different room or closer to a natural light source. That being said I haven’t taken a large amount of pics with it yet. Also i downloaded the Camera+ app by TapTapTap and it allows you to choose from different lighting effects, flash or no and such…

    • joseph

      hey can you hack and share camera plus. They took it off the appstore and its not on intallous

  • i like this

  • Jason Madison

    Some people are having camera problems because they never peeled off the protective sticker from the back, giving obscure camera results.

    • Z

      Happened to me, but with a laptop built in webcam. Pealed off the screen protective layer, and completely missed the tiny little transparent circle on the lens.

    • I feel like such an idiot!! Thank you. Have had it for 4 weeks and couldn’t find a solution. How sad!

  • Spaz

    haha who would be dumb enough to not take the back peel off!! lol

  • Hope that 4.1 will Fix this Camera Issues! It sucks!

  • Brandon

    Actually iPhone 4.1 will have an HDR bouton in camera now to increase quality maybe this Is addressing the issue

  • Jnicholson1437

    I highly doubt that there is any kind of fix for this in 4.1. Apple is completely ignoring the issue. As a professional camera man this problem frustrates me to no end. I have exchanged both my iPhone 4 and my wifes and still have the issue. Meanwhile I saw my friends iPhone 4 is able to properly whitebalance. His is the only one I have seen that works correctly. I think most iPhone 4 users have no idea that their iphone has this issue because they don’t understand how much better their phones could take pictures if apple would fix this. I did a side by side comparison with with my iPhone 3GS…it’s unbelievable how bad the iPhone 4 is at whitebalancing. See for yourself:

  • FubarGuy

    I’ve had the yellow cast issue from Day 1, and no number of 3rd party apps has helped. I don’t usually jump on OS updates as soon as they’re released, but I grabbed the iOS 4.1 tonight and it appears to have helped some, although I didn’t take any specific Before shots that I can replicate with the new OS. HDR does help some more, although it’s not an ideal solution either. I’ll be curious to hear about other users’ experiences.

  • April

    IOS 4.1 fixed my problem on the camera shutter that does not open. But I had to restore as a new iphone. It was very much worth it though.

    • n

      hey how did u restore? i have shutter problem i cant even take any picture

  • April

    If your iphone 4 did not undergo a jailbreak/unlock, just execute the restore through itunes. As you do this you will be prompted if you want to restore as a new iphone or restore using your backup. In my case I restored as a new iphone. But this meant that all my data will be deleted from the iphone.

  • N

    still didnt work. The shutter still closed. I set it up as a new iphone but still didnt do good enough.

    • April

      After I restored my iphone as a new iphone, I still encountered the problem but least frequently already. As I continuously use the camera, the problem stopped recurring.

      Please make sure that you use the camera VERY OFTEN. This is something that I noticed. Just open it every now and then take photos. Later you will notice that you don’t have the problem anymore.

      I really hope this will work for you.

  • Julian

    A class action lawsuit is necessary since Apple requires us to update our software, even after the warranty period ends. The camera shutter is a software problem made when Apple told me to update my software to my iphone via the iTunes software. This is a particular problem since apple does not let me/us revert to the previous working software. We have no choice in the matter, that is why a lawsuit is required

    I bet thousands of iphone users are in the same boat.

    Any lawyers out there interested. Fix the problem, or replace the phone.