Anyone who has an iPhone knows that trying to watch Flash videos is just not possible. There are a few hacks and cracks that bring synthetic Flash knockoffs to your device, though the jury is still out on how well they actually work. That could be changing real soon.

Skyfire has submitted an application to the App Store that would perform a nifty little conversion and bring real Flash to your iPhone. We know that natively, the software would never get a chance to grace the presence of Apple territory, so the developers created a way to make the content compliant…

The way it works is when you click on a video that is Flash based, the app takes it from its original format and converts it to HTML 5. Such a simple sounding but brilliant idea by whoever is behind the development. HTML 5 of course is the format that Apple has regarded to be the future that eliminates Adobe‘s software.

The video shows off the seemingly stable app in action by loading an episode of The Daily Show. I can see Apple approving this and revering it to be the sort of example they speak of when they claim HTML 5 is the future. If only the app could make Jon Stewart consistently funny.

Will Apple approve this application or deem it too controversial? I wonder if the guy who decides will have to make a call to Steve himself. Let us know what you think of the app’s presentation and concept in the comments below.


  • Ifonechip

    If apple approve this it would be a long answered prayer to the flash issue everyone has be crying for. I hope to see this program work like they claim it will.

  • Tg

    Can’t wait. Wonder if they are going to charge for this?

  • Austin

    If not app store then of course cydia is always open

  • Shazard

    Yup, app store or cydia, as long as it works, bring it on.

    • Felix

      I do hope apple approves this, but if not, then getting through cydia is fine to. I just need the 4g itouch jailbreak release.

  • Dadditude

    Skyfire has been around for awhile on other platforms. I remember using a version of the Skyfire browser on my Samsung Blackjack running Windows Mobile 6. It looks stable in the video, so I’m hopeful that Apple will approve it.

  • Burge

    Read about this on another site ( sorry for going to another site , not a blog though )
    This looks so good, just got a feeling that apple wont

    • Burge

      Like it in there app store ( i hit done by mistake .sorry ) so cydia here is a new app for you,
      I hope iam wrong

  • MikeLo

    Nice , hope it comes out .

  • Mac

    Hi Ethan and seba this app will be
    reject so don t get mad at by saying
    that the good news it gonna end up
    in cydia and I hope is gonna be free

  • Mac

    Bottomline it will be rejected.

  • Lucky

    Html5 works only with the tag for flash which means all that this app can do is play flash based videos. But what about flash games?

  • Ross

    Hope it will not be rejected and hope its free.
    Skyfire is great. I have it in my old N5800 and it works fine.
    I love it coz I can play facebook games on it and i can do it wherever I am.

  • I will tell you why it won’t be approved …
    because then everybody can watch online movies and this will cripple Apple’s income …
    Also why will apple aprove something that will make the users pay for internet more than for movies, music and apps ?
    think about it … if you have that app and want to watch a movie (let’s say lost) you can go to one of the many sites that deliver, and watch online without the need of apple’s itunes …

    think about it 🙂
    the only way that app will go online is by Cydia store …
    and i can even make a bet on that 🙂