It was bad enough that many of the exciting features that accompanied iOS 4 weren’t going to be added to the iPhone 3G. It was a whole different debacle when we reported that the device was basically crippled in many instances after making the upgrade.

According to a demo by Life Hacker, iOS 4.1 works much smoother on the 2 year old device than the previous version. The site notes the following regarding their little experiment:

This is far from a scientific examination of both versions of iOS 4. We only had one iPhone 3G to work with and couldn’t run through the trials at the exact same time. As a result, some of the actions are not perfect, but they nonetheless demonstrate some performance differences between iOS 4.0 and iOS 4.1…

The video shows the new operating system outperforming the previous edition in many of the key areas of usage. The biggest improvement came in UI responsiveness, Safari and Photos came next, and the difference in messaging was least noticeable but still a step up.

Is this an adequate improvement? I’m curious how many of our users are still rocking the iPhone 3G. Show your responsiveness by utilizing the comment bow below.

  • Alvaro

    Quite an improvement. Hopefully 4.1 will de jailbreackabke!

  • Rick

    Gosh. This is a two years old phone with an old processor. How people expect it to run newer functions designed for a newer faster processor? C’mon!!!!

    • Harry

      Yes, two yrs old…BUT that doesn’t mean a software update (we all know how hard apple and AT&T push ppl to update software) should essentially render a phone useless. It is so sluggish that you don’t even want to use it.

      Also, the fact that apple was able to address the issue in 4.1 just proves that 4.0 simply was not tested and/or optimized enuf for use on the 3G. Or….they wanted ppl to hate the 3G so much with 4.0, that they just went and bought the iPhone 4…. Jus sayin

  • Shazard

    im ultra poor and the 3G was a gift, so im still rockin’ it =)

  • iphone 3G

    it’s good to upgrade 4.0 to 4.1 for Iphone 3G… but it may not a good idea to upgrade from a 3.1.2 to 4.1…. is that correct? correct me if wrong.

  • Iphone123

    So the headline and article here says iPhone 3G whereas the video says it’s a iPhone 3GS???

    • The video is wrong. It’s about the iPhone 3G.

      • Iphone123


  • I wonder if the Speed improvements will also enhance the 3GS, I noticed some sluggishness sine upgrading to 4.01.

  • Mandingo

    I really hope they finally added AVRCP support. Because that’s pretty much the only reason I jailbreak (using Music Controls for AVRCP).

  • anon

    when i updated my 3g to 4.0, the sluggishness was unbearable.
    in the end i sold it and bought a refurbished htc hero, which worked out at roughly break even to swap.

    this 4.1 update looks like it really helps the 3g though. probably wouldve kept it longer if it had worked like this straight away

  • Turbo

    I just sold my jailbroke 3G and now have the IP4. My wife still has jailbroken 3G with 4.0 and it sux so bad all apps crash she’s trying to hold out till the white 4 comes out

  • Brad

    Still rocking a 3G because I’m poor and on T-mobile. But I love my old geezer of a 3G. 🙂

  • Marius

    Just to’ say i haved gone 3G 16 gb to’ a 3GS 8gb for a day now i don’t like 4 it’s a totally different level 3G went from ios4 back to 3.1.3 after 4 days 3GS ios 4jailbreackme full speed ahead