The release of iOS 4.1 will come next week sometime but Gizmodo has gotten ahold of some screenshots that show off the new operating system’s fanciest feature. As Steve Jobs announced today the new OS will enable high dynamic range photography, otherwise known as HDR.

For those who are unaware of the premise behind HDR, the feature takes multiple images to create a more colorful splash and sensation for the final product. Whether your a highly tuned photographer or just like snapping shots with your iPhone you’ll be able to experience the benefits of having such an ability within your native camera app…

The screenshot shows a button centered at the top of the camera app that will work as just a simple on/off toggle. It’s worth noting that once your HDR picture is taken it will take about 3-5 seconds longer to save to your camera roll than it would with the feature off. This is due to the multiple images being processed.

Apparently you won’t be able to use the high dynamic feature with the flash enabled. When you tap your HDR on the flash will automatically disable itself. Once you’ve turned the feature off the flash will resume its position. You will also be able choose from a setting that will either allow your to keep or discard the normally exposed photo once you turn your HDR on.

iLounge quickly covers the new ability to upload HD video to YouTube via Wifi. After uploading your video the size increases to three times what it was in standard definition. Once you move out of Wifi range the ability to upload HD content is disabled.

I love how quickly the developers get their GM which allows us to get these sneak peeks of the new features. What do you think thus far of these new abilities? Will your iOS 4.1 device replace your point and shoot camera? Let us know in our highly dynamic comment box.

  • Veronica

    My iPhone replaced long time ago my point and shoot, so the HDR feature will come pretty handy to me. Way to go uncle Steve!

  • Austin

    Hopefully jailbreak for it

  • Weebsurfer

    A lot of the example HDR shots I’ve seen look washed out. Any one else??? iPhone 4 replaced my point and shoot anyways. Takes beautiful pics in reasonable to good lighting. I jut wish they would open up the API a bit to allow for other functions without jailbreaking. Until then… Is there a JB for 4.1 yet? 😉

  • Jnicholson1437

    99 percent of IPhone 4s are still affected by yellowish pictures when taking pictures indoors. This is unacceptable yet apple keeps releasing ios updates and totally ignoring the problem! I’m looking forward to when Sebastien blogs more about the issue. The word needs to get out. HDR is awesome, but only when the whitebalance is made to function correctly!

  • Jnicholson1437

    The threads I put links to cover the issue in detail.

  • appletiser

    like most app store HDR utilities this is not true HDR as there are only 2 images to work from. the correct method is to have, at minimum, 3 source images, one correctly exposed, one under and one over-exposed. the washed out issue normally arises due to this missing correctly exposed image, ie theres no ‘middle’ exposure to balance the extremes, although iv still managed some good iphone results using thr Pro HDR app (:

  • Tom

    Hmmm, this should be interesting since my “shutter” will only open after 5-10 minutest of waiting. Evidently this is a known bug but all they are doing about it is replacing the phone if you get it. This can’t be a hardware issue so I’m wondering if this will fix it.

  • zaRos

    some body know that HDR just have in iphone 4 or it avaible on iphone 3Gs too ?

    • Spaz

      Yeh i want to know this aswell as im on 3g, hope so.

  • point and shoot camera? the iphone 4 already replaced that for me when I got it in June. =P