We’ve talked about iPhoDroid before, a port that allows you to install Android on your iPhone 2G or 3G. Up until now, iPhoDroid was only available for Mac. Sergio McFly, the developer of iPhoDroid finally got time to bring support for Windows.

YES! It’s today. Gotta tell you Im so thankful for everyone to be so patient and understandable for this Release. The delay was necessary because I made everything for do not mess up your computer and despite Microsoft Windows7 64bit is very tough to accept an un-certificated DLL, I found a very good safe way to run the App without installation and no hassles. All on-the-fly and in one single click, 1SHOT Yeah!! and now it runs on fine over XP and Vista (i386 and x64).

In just one click, iPhoDroid will install Android on your iPhone and allow dual boot (iOS, or Android). See our step by step tutorial to install iPhoDroid on your iPhone.

You can download iPhoDroid from here. If you try this, I’d like to hear about your experience.

  • clay

    unable to start download @ google chrome

  • Joeyjojo

    We just need a version for 3GS. I’d love to try it out. And I’m sure hardware-wise it would run loads better.

  • I got it to work on my 3G

    • Z

      How is it?

  • Jeton

    I have to say that the way the developer has designed the site and its links is nothing but a scam.

    The links (especially the download links) are so confusing along with the other links that he’s definitely breaching the TOS of Google Adsense and is trying to trick users.

    Let’s hear one visitor who didn’t have problems finding the download link.

    All respect for the development but there are some principles that need to be respected when it comes to the end-user.

    • Buckoman

      I would love to get it on my iTouch2G, but the download links are noexistent. WHERE DO I OWNLOAD THE FRIKKING LINK???

  • Lucky


    You also need to know and understand that these softwares are distributed FREE of charge.
    For anyone to complain about links is beyond acceptable.
    If you can pay the dev some $$ for his works, maybe he’ll take the ads off.

  • Jason masters

    Yeah pay up or shut up!!

    • Z


  • CR3

    where is the download link? I’ve click all the adverts and still didnt find the download link.. Gave him some free click but for nothing? =.= <– seriously need help

  • Drazen


    right click and save on windows relese 3g blue colored writen at the bottom of the page…

  • Jaylin

    Is it safe and do you need a jailbroken phone? Have you tried it

  • Simon

    is the link down cause I cant find where to download it?

    • No the link is not down. It’s at the very bottom left of iPhoDroid’s site

      • Simon

        No man, it just loops you through the 2 pages. Their support forum has even removed the link “due to removal of support” scaring me but I’ll try it right now anyway. lol

  • Simon

    Found it elsewhere: http://www.filestube.com/d3ec20c19491d1bc03e9/go.html

    Kinda scared to install though cause everything surrounding it seems fishy. Will post results in a bit

  • Simon

    So I got it to work but I don’t see what the point really is??

  • sagar

    is it going to delete everything on my iphone after installing android?

    • Simon

      No man it didn’t touch anything.

      • sagar

        So what point did u find in it?:)

  • Darshan

    does it work with an ipod touch 1generation?

  • dan
  • dan

    that version is for mac
    the filestube version says alpha expired

    i cannot install this because there is not working version or correct link

  • dan

    oh, i got it now

    change the date on pc clock to the 2nd of sep and it works lol

  • Noli

    This is the new link enjoy………….


  • Hi,

    I’m french then sorry if my english is bad :)…

    I see you had little problem about source site iphodroid… I can help you because i ‘ve big interest for droid on iPhone… Like you i think…

    You can follow update iphodroid by official google source, i search a little to find that… You have two possibilities but the better is the second URL to download update (first URL is same and lovely :))=>



    Now you have the good source for iphodroid (not megaupload etc..)… To find these good URL, it’s not only right clic :D…

    I follow linux on iPhone since long time and i made tutorial free (but in french) on this URL =>

    It’s on this page that i follow iphodroid now :)…

    See you later… say what you think about my english ;)…

  • To follow my last post…
    I maked test about iphodroid solution :
    – For iPhone 2G and 3G on Windows OS => at this moment, no way 🙂
    – For iPhone 3G on VMWare MacOSX Leopard => it’s work very good :))

    To see copyscreen and more detail, go to my testpage ( in french sorry :)) =>

    to submarise: iphodroid is really good solution to try android on iPhone – very easy and with out risk…

    Try it and thanks to Mac Fly ;)…

  • Domingo Pineda

    hi i have installed iphodroid in my phone but now it wont let me reset it.

  • Domingo Pineda

    is there a way to fix this problem

  • @Domingo Pineda: If the uninstall iPhodroid don’t work, you have two possibility…
    1) if you had save NOR file from iPhone before put android, you can use OpeniBoot (on Linux System) to put your old save NOR file… (but i don’t think you make backup about the NOR file if you use iPhodroid)
    2) You don’t have the NOR file => Always in OpeniBoot (on Linux System), you type only uninstall in the terminal (more easy to do that instead of 1) :)…

    To explain you a little about OpeniBoot, you can see this URL (it’s same way to use OpeniBoot on 2G or 3G) => http://androidalot.com/modding/how-to-install-android-on-an-iphone-2g/

    BUT IMPORTANT : You must to use the OpeniBoot you used in release iPhodroid (unzip and you find it)


    Other information, Mac Fly maked yesterday new package to save NOR… I don’t test it… But i you want to test it’s on his repository => http://code.google.com/p/iphodroid/source/browse/data#data/07062010/NORbackup


    If you have interest for your problem, you solve with success if you take time to read… It’s not so difficult if before iPhodroid you ever installed Android on iPhone with “Linux on iPhone” from Planetbeing => http://linuxoniphone.blogspot.com/ (if you search a little on their site, you can find their tutorial)…

    Have good work…

    (Sorry, if you don’t understand all but ‘m always frenchy… I don’t know if my English is good ;))

  • shidy

    anybody know to do it for 3gs…i’m still waiting for it.

  • nick

    is ther one that works on 2G 🙁

  • hentroch

    i can get it to work on my 2g i have firmware 3.1.2 jailbroken with redsnow 0.9.4 and i have vista what is the problem?!?!? it keeps say “runtime error 76 path not found”?!?! do i need 64 bit cause i have 32 bit and thats the highest it goes on my computer

  • nick

    sorry let me rephrase that is there one that works on 2g on windows vista?

  • Josh

    i got it to work on my iphone 2g but its pretty basic. its definately Froyo but theres no app market and the internet dosnt work very good . and the camera is diffective and so its kinda pointless but nonetheless ITS BADASS ANDROID ON IPHONE!!!!!!

  • rb hacks

    if i instaill on 3g can i restore it to its original setting after???

  • connor

    can it work on 3gs