I hope you’re not holding your breath on multitasking and folders for iPad because according to Steve Jobs, it won’t be available until November of this year.

When Apple introduced iOS 4, they made it clear that it wouldn’t be available for iPad until “this fall”, so technically we’re on schedule. Still, I would have expected something sooner than that.

During a live event today, Steve Jobs made a demo of iOS 4.2 for iPad. It looks good but nothing groundbreaking.

Among the new features expected in iOS 4.2, we have:

  • Multitasking
  • Folders
  • Printing – on a wireless network
  • AirPlay – streams content to the new Apple TV
  • Game Center
  • Better email – unified inbox, threaded emails
  • And more…


  • Brendon

    I’m new to the whole scene, and as such wasn’t expecting much more from the iPad than what I got. As such, I’m excited for the announced updates, and not particularly worried if it comes this November or next for that matter. If the announcement was underwhelming to those of you who follow all the Apple news, what more were you expecting?

  • Personally, I wasn’t expecting anything in particular. I was expecting Apple to surprise me. They didn’t. But again, this is only going to be part of iOS 4, so it’s not a surprise there is nothing exceptional in the release. I’m sure iOS 5 will be much more interesting.

  • I’m really just waiting for folder and multitasking. My home screen is super messy and I just leave it that way knowing that folders is just around the corner.

    Airplay + Apple TV = Sweetness!

  • yolamorse

    I’m looking forward to find an article that describes shortly what are the newly added/fixed/upgraded things that exist in the iOS 4.2 unlike previous versions. I’m using iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.0 and I’ve been waiting an official announcement of APPLE regarding the release of iOS 4.2 but I wanna give a try and download it the posted. Any help?
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