Depending on how you charge your iPhone you may or may not regularly backup your photos. Having to perform a hard reset could erase priceless pictures if you happen to charge your phone the old fashioned way via wall connector.

That problem is now gone thanks to an article by LifeHacker that shows you how to wirelessly sync your photos. The only catch is that you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone, which shouldn’t be an issue for most of you…

Just so you’re aware you will need Turbo Soft’s SDK client which you can download here, and  Google‘s very own Picasa Photo Manager which you can get here. The steps are fairly long so here is the source to perform this handy feature. The reason for the required jailbreak is to SSH into it. Good luck!

Take some pictures once you’ve completed the tutorial and let us know how well the sync performs.

  • Joe

    Cool I will five this a try when I get home from work today.

  • AppleBits

    Does it sync the full size photo, or a compressed size??
    FYI – I use ACDSee Pro, and when I connect my j/b iPhone, it sees it as a device, and I can just import photos from the camera roll to my PC. Granted, my version of ACDS wasn’t free, but it’s an awesome program I’ve stuck with since the beginning of time, basically. 😉
    Point being, this way it doesn’t compress my pics. Yes, I still have to tether my phone. No big deal there.
    Also, I’ve created an specific folder on my PC to use as my Photo Import folder in iTunes. So I just place my iPhone photo roll pics there, then resync. They are no longer in my camera roll, but in their own folder, which I can get rid of any time, and still have them on my PC for safe keeping and archiving. 🙂

  • Burge

    Another way is to use evernote App, ok so it’s one pic at a time but it works and the 40meg a month is free, if you need more there is a cost. But as I said it works

  • Jeffrey Wescott

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