Steve Jobs just announced at Apple’s Special Event that the company will be releasing iOS 4.1 today. As expected, this update will fix bugs, but it will also add new exciting features…

  • Bug fixes: proximity sensor, Bluetooth, and iPhone 3G performances should now work properly.
  • High Dynamic Range Photos: an improved way at processing pictures
  • Ability to upload HD videos over wifi
  • Game Center
  • TV show rentals

You’ll be able to get iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch next week via iTunes.

  • No thanks, Ill keep mine on 4.01

    I wish Steve jobs would just give up, Im fed up of it all…………… I may even sell the iphone and get a dell streak or Samsung galxy

  • appletiser

    great and tempting to see HDR but not worth losing my jailbreak for (:

  • Burge

    Better start now telling people who have jailbroke not to update cause they will loose there jailbreak ( here we go again ) ! 
    I’ve updated my cat hit the update or my toaster caused me to do it ! 
    What are we going to hear this time round 

  • Jason masters

    No way I’m updating I’ll go without all the extra features I’m on great priced plan and get all the perks why would I give that up for a bs proximity fix and Bluetooth fix cmon Steve just admit it the jailbreakers pod you off when they went into your stores and used jailbreakme lol!!

  • Z

    May be an article warning people of an upcoming iTunes and iPhone FW update could be good.

    You could also include safe ways of restoring an iPhone to original settings (I could use that, been wanting to format my phone for a while now)


  • geoffrey

    hehehe, because they will release the 4.1, Dev Team MIGHT work on jailbreak again. hehehehe.

  • TBui123

    If he releases it today, why do we have to wait until next week to get it?
    Now the big buzz is when the Dev Team or Geohot or other genious will grace us with the new 4.1 jailbreak so people like myself that bought the brand new iPhone 4 w/factory 4.0.2 can jailbreak our phone? Otherwise, like Fate said last week, I just have an HD Ipod touch if my iPhone 4 can not be jailbreak and unlock.
    I am sure thousands people like myself are anxiously awaiting …

  • Rachel

    I sincerely hope the dev team comes out with the jailbreak for 4.1 because many users are stuck with 4.0.2 with no choice but not to use the phone with the carrier locked.

  • iphone 4

    Dev team definitely will come out a new jailbreak and carrier unlock on IOS 4.1 :))

  • thefallen

    Call me a traitor but Im tired of this war… Switched to BlackBerry Torch…

    • DarkReaper

      Yup me getting Android.

  • xMort

    I will update my iPhone 3G immediately this update will be available even if I loose my jailbreak because for past few months I want to trow my phone against wall how it is fucked up by iOS 4.0.

  • iiyama

    I also hope the Dev team decide to release a Jailbreak of 4.1.
    I just got my first ever iphone, I was hoping it would arrive with 4.0.1 firmware but it had 4.0.2 installed.
    The Jailbreaking scene was what made me get an iphone in the end, after keeping my eye on things and viewing this site for sometime I finaly decided to go for it. Now I just have to await and see. fingers crossed. 🙂

  • Leandro

    yes that´s lot of people like this! I´m one of those… I´ve bought one last week all I can do is use as IPOD and as alarm clock! 🙁