Steve Jobs just unveiled the new Apple TV, a little tiny box a quarter the size of its predecessor. It’s now all about renting. No more buying things.

You can rent first run HD movies the day they come out for $4.99. They run cheaper as time goes on.

HD TV shows now rent for $0.99, with, let me remind you, no commercial.

ABC and Fox are on board. Even better, if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can stream movies for free. You can stream directly from YouTube, view images from Flickr. Additionally, you can stream any content from your Mac or PC.


The new Apple TV will now sell for $99. That’s what the rumor said. It’s dirt cheap and makes me want to buy one. Instantly.


The Apple TV will be available in 4 weeks and you can pre-order today.

  • Burge

    I’am in

  • Jason masters

    Count me in too now I can stream all my illegally downloaded content for just 99$ thank you Steve jobs you are aces in my book chief!

  • Justin

    I wonder if it will let you categorize TV Series/Movies/Music with cover art like Boxee?

  • Ben

    I can’t see why I should get this. My tv and Mac are already connected. Does this give me anything more?

  • Maglor

    I wonder if here in Portugal the apple tv will work with netflix also…

    • I don’t think you have Netflix in Portugal (tell me if I’m wrong), so no, Netflix streaming will not work you there.

    • Michael

      Unless you get a VPN or use a proxy, then no. Using the former here in Japan and it’s fast enough for HD content. Not sure if that goes for 1080p, but it will be a while before that is available for more than a fraction of their library anyway … even if they would finally get around to launch it. If you’re willing to shell out another $6 a month, I can recommend Witopia. They’re pretty much hassle free, have great support (money back guarantee) and you can switch between US and UK sites for free and as often as you want.

      • Jose

        Hey Mike… I am interested in what you are saying about VPN and the ability to stream from Netflix using this. Could you give me some more details?

  • amit

    will it steam avi’s?
    will it stream with subtitles and other stuff like divx/xvid.

    i bet it wont.

    • Vik071

      Nope! It’s not working now and it won’t work on the new version…

      • Gnargusto

        THIS is the deal breaker for me. I mean my xbox 360 does this…

  • Maglor

    If netflix worked in Portugal, or if our iTunes store started selling and renting movies and series, that would be great to have, and I would no longer care about xvid ou mkv, much less divx.

  • Michael

    Definitely not getting one of those … the new ATV is a HUGE disappointment on multiple fronts:

    1. No Apps. This could have been the one saving grace for the device, but Steve Jobs only sees a niche market for it and hence needlessly restricts it to whatever Apple deems to make available.

    2. No 1080p. OK, this has been subject to a lot of debate, but even if iTunes is not going to offer the content, Netflix will probably offer a small selection rather sooner than later. The A4 (Cortex A8) CPU brings enough power to the table and it smells like Apple reserves the feature for next year.

    3. No USB. This is less of a surprise, but nevertheless a big minus point. Until the big studios wake up and make their content available for reasonable prices (Netflix) being able to playback local content (and not just a few cherry-picked formats either) is an absolute necessity. That said, I would definitely skip MKV and the rest, too if a good flatrate plan was available so point 3. might cease to be crucial one eventually.

    And it’s not that there aren’t alternatives. Let’s not talk about Google TV, but just take a look at the Western Digital Live Plus and you have at least point 2. and 3. Sure, it costs a bit more, but offers a lot of flexibility that is impossible to achieve with Apple’s latest.

  • Condios

    I don’t see the use – especially in Europe. a) there is virtually no content, b) you can only stream iTunes content. Now, if the little box would accept almost any stream, that would be another matter. But it does not. Finally, my current setup allows me to stream any content already.

    Apple tv. I think it is the worst of all Apple products. In my view, they should choose. Either get rid of it, or have it accept any type (DVD on harddisk, avi’s, etc) streaming content.

    Until then, it’s in my view (apple’s only) useless product.

  • For $99? You bet I’m grabbing one.

  • agentsmith

    it is 720p

  • Wow, this Apple TV rocks! I’ll be checking this on the market. Thanks.

  • Roddy