Steve Jobs just announced that every iPod single model of iPods have gotten a redesign. Starting with the iPod Shuffle, let’s have a look at these new iPods…

iPod Shuffle

The baby iPod now sells for $49.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano, now gets multitouch. No more wheel. The Nano gets one step closer to the iPhone.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch has become the #1 portable game player in the world, outselling the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP combined. That’s insane!

The new iPod Touch now sports the Retina Display, a front and back facing camera to allow FaceTime, as we expected.

The 8GB will sell for $229, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399.


All new iPods will be available next week but you can pre-order them today!

  • Burge

    My boy got a iPod touch for Xmas, great now he’s going to wont one of these!

  • Burge

    Wonder if the nano can be jailbroke. !

  • What about the iPod Classic? No updates??

  • Jason masters

    How do you update a classic?

    • Burge

      Go and buy a iPod touch .. Lol ..

  • Jason masters


  • Fancesco suarez

    im getting one but i think i’ll go to my radioshack retailer to get or show i get it at what u guys think plz respond should i buy it when it comes out or pre-order it on

    • Burge

      Get it from Apple

  • ishan

    no video play back on the nano?? that sucks..

  • joke

    hey… can the ipod touch 4g be jailbroken? cuz it already has ios 4 in it?

    • Burge

      More than lightly no because it will have ios 4.0.2 on it not ios 4.0/4.0.1

  • Burge

    I’ll more than lightly have in it 4.1