Unless you’ve been underneath a rock for a few weeks you’re aware that Apple will be holding their annual September event this Wednesday. With such an event so close, you can pretty much find a rumor for any wild idea you could think of. We figured here at iDB we’d toss around some ideas and let you add your own.

I’ll start with the casualties:

  • iPod Shuffle – The poor little toy will be quietly dismissed into Apple oblivion. The fact it has lasted as long as it has is actually amazing.
  • The iPod Classic – The click wheel could join his little brother Shuffle and be suddenly extinct.
  • Verizon iPhone – As much as many would be thrilled about this idea, it isn’t happening at this event…

The maybe list is always the longest for events like this so I’ll try to avoid taking the middle road as much as I can:

  • iTunes cloud storage – With Apple announcing that it had scaled this idea back it seems obvious to follow their lead.
  • 7 inch iPad – This wouldn’t surprise me. I can see Apple not putting FaceTime on the new Touch, and putting it here instead.
  • iOS Apple TV – If priced at $99 I think this “hobby” would expand quickly.
  • New iLife – iOS capabilities would be a perfect way to introduce this.

The new features you can expect to see are always the least interesting because we all figure we saw them coming, but nevertheless here you go:

  • iPod Touch – Sporting Retina Display and dual cameras, millions are instantly added to the FaceTime world.
  • iPod Nano -The biggest makeover of all will turn to the touchscreen and be priced at $99 to kill any competitors.
  • iTunes – While I wouldn’t expect complete cloud coverage I expect to see some revamping done to the media center.

All in all this event seems to be fairly predictable, especially with the music insinuated theme that the invitation displayed. Having said that we should all expect one more thing!

My wild card prediction is the white iPhone 4. Having been eerily quiet the whole month of August about anything related to the iPhone, I can see Apple using a negative such as a late arrival and turning it around as a “look how hard we’ve worked to get you this”.

I showed you mine now you show me yours. Give us your predictions in the comment box below.

  • Here is what I think we’ll see and not see tomorrow
    – iTV: we won’t even hear about that. The iTV would deserve its very own event.
    – Apple classic is not dead, but not updated.
    – iPod Touch getting Retina, front facing camera, and maybe double the RAM
    – iTunes 10, with some kind of cloud related feature
    – white iPhone ETA

  • I’m hoping for iOS 4 for iPad getting released for developers. Even better for the public.

  • MikeLo

    Just got a MacBook pro, I want a iPad if it has FaceTime !

  • JAK

    Well my wish / must have list still remains simple… A 7″ iPad would hit the spot, and a white iPhone 4… I’ll be fine if all of this is available in Feb ’11 when my AT&T new pricing is ready and just but both with Cash!

  • TattoozNTech

    well there have been all kinds of rumors for everything… but so far (from my recent memory & IMHO) we’ve only seen definitive evidence, in the form of parts leaks, to support the iPod Nano major redesign & the new iPod 4 with a front facing camera. everything else is just smoke & mirrors, UNTIL the event… i kno folks are hopin for a bunch of different stuff… & the guitar symbolism makes you wanna lean towards a big music-type of annoucement… so ya… them’s my thoughts rite there! 🙂

  • KinGz

    I believe a new macbook air is gona be released!

  • Apple everything

    Um would be nice for the touch to get facetime and back camera defo more memory and a 4 chip lets see they have to make some changes hardware would like everything else to stay same ie styling

  • You don’t suppose they’ll announce a fix for all the 3g’s hanging out around the world desperately waiting for the patch that will release them from their paralyzed hell?

  • mohgui

    what am i gonna do with my iPod Classic? can i trade in for a Touch? lol…