iDB reported about the iPhone 4 arriving in Mexico last week. Today Mac Rumors posted an article claiming an executive from Telcel, the mexican iPhone carrier, says the iPhone 4 will be getting a hardware revision once the free case promotion runs out.

Marco Quatorze comments that the policy of giving away free cases will be implemented the same to the rest of the countries selling the iPhone 4. Following September 30th (the date Steve Jobs said Apple would reevaluate the issue) the hardware would be changed to resolve the antenna discrepancies. A bold assumption to say the least…

As the Director of Value Added Services it isn’t clear how Quatorze would have such information, nevertheless that didn’t stop him from offering a seemingly assured opinion relating to the matter. The following statement was translated using Google so bear with the sentence structure. He states:

If the previous plan is over, you will need to hire a new change for iPhone 4. If, for example, already has one and take three months for payment, change the cell with a re-employment and takes into account the previous time, so instead of paying 24 months, only done in 21.

The question of the case beyond the phone company that we hire, it is worth evaluating whether to purchase the first version of iPhone4 with all its flaws, or wait a month to be available the new version promises to vindicate the reputation of this controversial but attractive device, though no doubt there will be many users who are not willing to lose this dream so long Smartphone.

Like I said, a bold statement from a basic executive. Perhaps he took Jobs’ wording of reevaluating as hardware revision, however by the conviction of his statement it seems like he’s pretty sure of his comments.

What are your thoughts on this executive having such information and on the idea of Apple changing only the antenna less than 6 months after the initial launch. Personally I think Marco drank some bad tequila. It would be one thing for Cupertino to release a modified iPhone under Verizon, but to simply fix the issue they downplayed would be PR suicide. Give us your opinion in our ever so popular comment box.

  • Jacky


    • Beakhand

      Come on burge we need u

      Don’t think they will update antenna all the loyal fans that bought already will be pissed

  • It would not suprise me if this is true, I myself have worked in the telecoms industry for may years in the UK and the amount of information we give to eve sales staff is scary.

    i would say lets see what happens in my opinion they will want to hold there cards close to there chest as they wouldnt want the operators to love any revenue.

  • God im typing in the dark and my macbook is really not typing what I want apologies

  • Jayy

    We can make out what you meant. TGIF

  • Mac

    Hi seb remember last time when I told
    You that apple will release new iPhone
    Antenna design after September because
    They gonna stop giving free case after September I know about this long time ago

  • i personally don’t think this could be true. Firstly, Apple would be wiser to do a more thorough test on the new hardware instead of doing a rush job to quickly release it before end September. If there is another screw up in the design, it will mean a major loss of credibility to them. Also, if something as big or important as this is going to be announced, i think no one else but our Mr Jobs will and should be doing the announcement. Anyway, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  • mojo

    Apple has to rush out for the fix due to other android phone releases. They want to regain the market share asap. Typical greedy business strategy.