You might have noticed there’s been quite a few new jailbreak apps that were released during the last weeks. While some of them are not much interesting, a number of them got my attention and have the potential to making in on our list of best jailbreak apps for iPhone.

In this post, I’ll share with you 10 jailbreak applications available in Cydia that are worth downloading. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I suggest you have a look at them:

To me, these are the best jailbreak apps that have been released lately. What Cydia app would you add to the list? Even better, would you give us your top 10 jailbreak apps that were recently released?

  • ze

    Missed the auto3G app.

  • galronn

    Yep, Auto3G should be up there on top of the list.

  • jok3r

    Has Auto3G been proven to actually reduce battery life? I mean how much power can the iPhone be using on standby. My iphone 4 can go 3-4days on standby easy!!!
    BiteSMS is a must have for me 🙂

  • Eric

    Love how the Dev of multifl0w says apple did it right but you say it’s how apple should have done it. Classic. But it’s still SBsettings and 3G unrestrictor. And auto 3G doesn’t save battery. Standby time is all will add to as it switches to edge when LOCKED! That not going to increase your batter to their claim of 7 hours talk on 3G. Your still talking on 3G. It makes no sense.

  • Tom

    InfiniDock > Five Icon Switcher

    • Dadditude

      You’re confusing 5-icon switcher with 5-icon dock. Apples and oranges, my friend.

  • Saice

    BiteSMS should be there for sure, infinitidock also is a must have for me

  • Eric

    Sorry. That was the dev of proswitcher who said apple did it right. My bad. And I agree with Infinidock.

  • Burge

    Here’s a tweak that has not been said
    -Simple background- it gives you scrolling wallpaper, there are wallpapers you can download in the app but you can also use you own, I’ve been using this for awhile now and the is no problems yet, this is not new but looks cool,
    Bitesms speaks for it’s self
    Call tell- speaks the persons name when thay call you
    Five icondock- is a must
    Wi-fi sync is a nifty little app
    Mywi – tethering
    Multiflow- background
    Snap tap – take pics with the volume buttons
    Ino rotate – stops the springboard from turning
    Remove BG – for sbsettiing stops all background apps
    My strings- you can change the slide to unlock to what you would like it to say plus others aswell
    Folder closer-

  • I hope you can make a list of top free applications available in Cydia

  • Colten

    What exactly is the spotlight search and why is it good to disable it?

    • Burge

      On your idevice swipe right until keyboard pops up that is spot light,
      It’s up to you if you would Like it or not there is no pros or cons to have it or not

      • Z

        There are. Prior NoSpot it was noticed that disabling spotlight featuring categories improves iPhone 3G/3GS performance. I confirm on 3GS. Though all of the search categories were off in Spotlight settings, after installing NoSpot, I got even more of a performance boost.

        Unfortunately with fast growing numbers of various cool tweaks/toggles/apps I have to watch my RAM on 3GS, so anything to reduce the usage of resources is great. And NoSpot helps

      • Burge

        All it does is stops you from right swipe
        (spot light) does it really turn it of ?
        When you go to the toggles in setting for spot light you can still turn them on or off ,

      • Z

        Toggling search content on/off in settings enables/disables indexing of corresponding files and quick look up of those files.

        Enabling/disabling spotlight with NoSpot disables it graphically – the main drain of your resources – the background, the keyboard, the page dot, search bar, etc etc.

        It wasn’t such a significant performance boost as it is when you turn all the search content off in settings, but relatively noticeable.

        Burge, however, I wasn’t the one who developed the app, so you are right, it’s a good question to ask the developer. I could be very wrong in my findings and assumptions.

  • Rainrose


  • I didn’t add BiteSMS and the like because they are not recent jailbreak apps. They’ve actually been around for a while. In this post, I wanted to focus on apps that were released in the last couple months.

  • why don’t you add sb settings to this list

    • Z

      The comment above says it all. It’s not a new app, it’s been known for a while.

  • Asllin

    MultiFl0w not working well with iPad. Kept closing apps and reboot device.

  • Z

    Remove Recents is a definite must have for switcher management. With infinidock I have as many shortcuts as I need, so I don’t need not running apps showing in the switcher. Remove Recents solved it for me.

  • Z

    Sebastien, Five Icon Switcher allows you to have up to 10 icons in the switcher, which you can set up in settings. Just thought I’d clarify.

  • Remove Background should be also on the List! It closes all Apps in Background at once! SBsettings required!

  • Dracossaint

    Universal search makes spotlight handy actuily ,can’t wait for ios 4.0 version just like unlimvidwos by the way ,a must have is very very simple one that I’m sure everyone has ,Insomnia saves a good bit of battery ,keeps wifi on when phone is locked,now on itouch not so much but it’s nice to always have wifi on

  • Infiniboard, SBRotator.

  • Rob

    You left off two really good ones t-alert and e-alert they both rock!!

  • antonioj

    Lockinfo + notified + sbsettings > all that stuff

  • Mrmacc

    missed FolderEnhancer, mi iPhone 3g works much faster after installing this app on iOS4.0.1, i dont know why but it seem 2x faster.

  • Eric

    FolderEnhancer is awesome, Lockinfo, Disable 4.1 Multitasking cuz it blows & install backgrounder so i can choose what apps i want to background. and mobile terminal beta for 4.1 you must install a not so good REPO to get it xsellize, but that is the only reason i have it is for that and disable crappy apple multitasking.

  • omg!!!!!!! What about Installous and IconHarvester. repo for installous: