We’ve already gone over methods for downgrading an iPhone from iOS 4.0.2 to 4.0.1. Unfortunately, this method requires you to have your SHSH blobs on file on Saurik’s server, which some of you don’t have.

There is a post today on the Big Boss blog about how to downgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 without SHSH blobs, so I thought it might be helful to some of you.

I haven’t tried this myself and I can’t verify if this works or not but I’ve seen this method spreading on the web and it seems some people are successful at downgrading without SHSH.

This method works because of the similarities between iOS 4.0.2 and 4.0.1. So even if this works for these specific firmwares, it would not work for downgrading from 4.0.2 to 3.1.3 for example.

Go over the Big Boss blog to see the step by step tutorial, and tell us how it works for you.

  • Burge

    No, I’ll wait

    • Achid

      It really does not work on iphone 4.. I have tried like 5 times. I am lucky that my iphone did not brick. So guys just wait for the release of 4.1. Then we can start from there.

  • Albion

    It doesent work don’t waste your time people false alarm.
    Only couple people said that it worked vs hundreds which are calling them liars.
    Once again don’t waste ur time

    Ps: Sebastian u should delete this false topic

  • Burge

    This sort of thing has been tried before and it’s never worked. 

  • Albert

    My tutorial works only on iPhone 3G. Maybe on iTouch


    • Burge

      You can take a 3G back to 3.1.3 if you wish and you can jailbreak a 3G on 4.0.2.
      As for the touch you can take a 2g back to 3.1.3
      All I can say is if you upgraded to 4.0.2 without saving your SHSHs the tuff shit looks like you have learnt the hard way , next time you won’t be button happy to update.

  • Joescro

    Worked for me on iPhone 4. Received it with 4.0.2 so here’s what I did to get 4.0.1 (VERY easy):
    1. Download and save the custom ipsw file for your device for your choice of firmware (I suggest using iClarified.com to download your file)
    2. Plug your iDevice into the computer and put it into DFU mode (make sure it’s in DFU and not recovery mode)
    3. iTunes will recognize an idevice in DFU mode and prompt you. Hold Shift on your PC keyboard and click “Restore”
    4. Locate the file on your computer and open it.
    5. iTunes will do the rest 🙂

    • Burge

      That’s how you downgrade, try and do it now, only if you are not talking to cydia sever for you SHSHs, you carnt do it apple stop signing off 4.0.1

    • All I’ve read this doesnt work with ip4. Can you link the iclarified location of the ispw, I’m having issues locating it. I will report back with results.

      • Burge

        If you would like ipsw go to -felixburns- evey ipsw is there

  • TP

    I tried this morning and it DID NOT work on my iPhone4 with 4.0.2. If anyone has better idea to downgrade, please post it. Thanks!


    • Burge

      You carnt

    • Uri

      just wait

  • yesjb

    Method does not work with iP4.
    Tried it with PC and Mac. No success!

  • It doesn’t work,
    Don’t waste your time

  • mohgui

    lol… we’ve all been had…

  • SillyBear

    The only time I saved my SHSH was on 3.1.3. Before jailbroke for the first time. I’m still on 3.1.3 and I know I can’t upgrade to 4.0.1, however in cydia it says that I have shsh saved on sauriks server for 3.1.3, 4.0.0 and 4.0.1. Is this an error or does my shsh for an os I never upgraded to get saved? If so does it mean I can upgrade to 4.0.1?

    • Burge

      Yes this does mean you can upgrade to 4.0 or 4.0.1 your shsh get saved in cydia from now on because you pressed -make my life easier –
      Thanks for the prez mention . Lol

      • Burge

        To do this you need to change your host file, there is a post on this site on how to do this

  • Iphone
  • Walter

    My situation is this. I had iPhone 3G, jailbroken and unlocked. 3.1.3. I saved my shsh on Cydia (clicked on make my life easy). Cydia showed that this device has shsh saved for 4.0 and 4.0.1. I sold that phone on eBay. The iPhone 4 that i received has 4.0.2 on it. Would i be able to downgrade? And if yes, how should i do it?

    • Burge

      If this i4 is new then no
      If this i4 is second hand than it might have shsh saved, use tinyumbrella to find out

  • Sweet on my 3GS it worked, Like a Charm!
    Was Running 4.0.2 then Downgraded without SHSH (As i bought the iphone brand new) to 4.0.1 Using this Method.

    Thanks so much; you saved me !

    • Burge

      The only way for this to work is if apple was still signing off firmwear 4.0.1.
      They are not signing it now. So if this works do it again …now…

  • Heinrich

    I stupidly upgraded to 4.0.2 a few weeks ago and was hosed. So I tried downgrading again and failed. However last weekend 9/11/2010) I tried editing my HOSTS file to point at Cydia servers and I was perfectly able to downgrade to 4.0,1 (Thank God) and then jailbreak again and restore. YAY!!! It appears my SHSH blobs were saved on Saurik’s servers unbeknownst to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH SAURIK, the DevTeam and Cydia!!! 🙂

  • IPhoneGuy18

    im just tryin to downgrade so that i can jailbreak my iphone.. why does it have to be so hard???????? any help??

  • colea

    Hi guys i recently downgraded from 4.0 to 3.1.2 without shsh i simply conected to itunes clicked shift+restore thes i choosed my firmaware that i had dowloaded in my computer then i restored,hen finished restoring i got the (1015) error.Don’t worry your phone has been restored ,now install Tinyumbrella click on your device and exit recovery mode and voila you have downgraded,it worked for me so just give it a try an let me know if worked.

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