Auto3G is a new jailbreak application that aims at extending your iPhone battery life by automatically turning off the 3G radio when you lock your iPhone, and automatically turning it back on when you slide to unlock.

This simple app allows you to always have the speed of 3G when you need it, without draining your battery when you’re not using it. Auto3G will add a new icon to your springboard from which you can choose the 3G timeout settings.

You can get Auto3G for $5.99 from Cydia. I think it’s a bit expensive but preserving your battery life has a price. Have you tried Auto3G? What do you think?

  • Burge

    Using it already, when you unlock your phone it takes a few seconds for the 3G to connect but it does work, battery is better for it

    • Burge

      Doesn’t seem to work if it’s in a folder. The other thing is your signal may drop because you not on 3G

  • Ha

    Personally if I know I won’t be browsing the net for a good part of my drive, then I’d just turn off 3G via sbsettings. Turn it back on when I need it. It is free but it’s one extra step in your day. Edge speed is slow but tolerable, Been in towns were edge is the only data

    • Z

      Great point, proves that’s it’s definitely overpriced

  • Jeff

    Great idea, and nice app in theory (I bought it), the only problem, and no fault of the app, is, if you’re running a VoIP app in the background (Skype, Line2) then receiving a call while on EDGE, while phone is locked , doesn’t really work. I’ve tried several tests.

    • That’s right. I hadn’t thought about that but I see how it can be a big issue.

  • Bradley

    Like Ha says above, I just use SBSettings. I can’t see paying $5.99 for something that only saves me about 2 seconds a day and/or about 5-10% battery life.

  • Jonathan

    I loaded up the 1.2 version and it fixed the problems for me with crashing my phone. Works like a charm now- I love it- increased my battery life by about six hours of standby. Six bucks was nothing now that this works.

  • Wie

    Im using auto3G ver 1.2
    But when the phone is locked. My push notification doesnt work!

  • James

    I get push notices no problem via AP mobile and beejive when using it. I think 1.3 is the newest.

  • Dan Buhler

    Keep in mind in some areas you can ONLY get 3G reception. Found quite a few spots on the west coast, and especially in Canada.

  • Just an FYI to warn you. The developer harvests email addresses and then spams everyone with a mailing list. I’m not so annoyed with the spam as I am about the privacy of my email address.. Be warned.

  • Aside from the spam issue, to be honest, I haven’t seen any substantial battery life savings. I see more saving with ScreenDimmer. The lag between Edge and 3G is enough to drive any person insane. Remember, when it drops from Edge to 3G (or vice versa), the device must obtain a new IP address which isn’t very fast at time.

    Example. I use WhatsApp and I use LockInfo. I have LockInfo set up to open app on tap. When I tap on a WhatsApp message on LockInfo, it unlocks phone and open app and then attempts to connect but fails due to the fact it hasn’t obtained an IP address. The same applies to any messenger to be honest.

    So before I can use this tweak, lots must be addressed. And as such, I couldn’t recommend it to anybody.

  • Axel Andreé

    Auto3g doesn’t work with iOS 5.1 iControl (alternative to auto3g) doesn’t either. Is there any Auto3g-like app that works with iOS 5.1? It’s a hassle to always slide down the NC to turn off and on 3G whenever I’m locking my phone.