This is definitely going to make uncle Steve angry. TUAW reports that China Unicom is offering to jailbreak their customers iPhones directly from the very store they sell the devices from.

Apparently the staff will gladly hack the apparent iPhone 3GS devices (the iPhone 4 hasn’t been released yet), or cut the SIM card down to fit the micro size on those who have opted to buy an iPhone 4 through alternative outlets. Some stores are even going as far as saying that they will show users how to download 3rd party applications. Wow. 

Apple has clearly stated that opting to hack your iDevice will in fact void your warranty. How China Unicom thinks that this will fly freely in Cupertino is beyond me. They’re being pretty brave considering they weren’t Apple’s first choice of carrier when it came to picking a Chinese outlet. I can’t wait to see the response Apple offers.

How do you think Apple will handle this? I suspect it will be done as nonchalantly and coy as the rest of their announcements. Let us know how you feel about this amusing story in the comment box below.

  • TattoozNTech

    that is just so funny & awsum! doesn’t surprise me @ all considering it’s one of these Chinese companies! i have no idea how Apple will respond, but i can only imagine the phone calls & emails that are flying around Cupertino about it! LMAO! apple gestapo super crime-fighting (read jail-break & leak fighting) plane launches in 3…2…1… GO! =]

  • Burge

    Don’t think that they will get the iPhone 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 etc etc ,

    • Jacky

      China product the iPhone. So all they have to do is to rename it like “@pple”. And get it out to the market

  • Z


  • KinGz

    The chinese are taking over the world!

  • Pissed_off_Nerd

    How do I think apple should handle this???
    Ughhhh keep there fckin mouths shut and continue to sell there product!!!
    And I think U.S dealers especially at the Apple store should offer this same AWESOME Freakin Deal!

  • Omni

    I’m sure apple has pissed them off in some way and this is their way of getting even.

  • iphone 4

    If they don’t do this, they can’t offer something that like CHINA pirated IPHONE.. haha

  • mohgui

    awesome! customer service at its best!

  • those stores are not official Iphone carriers and I am 90% sure that those phones are from the black market in China =)

  • this is not good news for Apple at all. I am sure they will do something abt this or they will be at huge loss..

  • USMC

    I think apple shouldn’t give them the iPhone just for being retarded and saying they will jailbreak when apple doesn’t like that. I think apple should disable any iPhone, iPod, and iPad that is jailbroken. Done deal. Font like like it then don’t buy it. But u no u can’t resist it haha.

    • Roofs

      If Apple disables JB’en iDevices then it is going to be even worse for Apple and Steve will be at huge loss because of millions of users will stop buying these devices if they cannot JB them. Period!