I usually leave it up to Sebastien to provide our loyal readers with the jailbreak information but I’ll take the reigns this time. PMP Today has posted a couple of alternative sites for those wishing to jailbreak their iPhone after individuals claimed they were having difficulties performing the hack with JailbreakMe.

If you’re among those experiencing troubles with the self titled URL, it is recommended that you try using jailbreakme.com/index.html or accessing the Canadian site of jailbreakme.ca to perform the process. If none of those work for you, you can always try what iDB reader Joe suggested by visiting jailbreakme.com/blob.html from your iPhone.

All Apple touch screens up to iOS 4.0.1 can be jailbroken however iDB reported the Dev Team will not be releasing a jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2. Version 3.2.2 of the iPad firmware is also not accessible due to the exploit only being available in the newer versions of the operating system.

Have you had any issues with JailbreakMe? If so you can try these alternatives and let us know how they performed. As always I remind you that jailbreaking your device can cause issues you may not be able to reverse and your warranty may be voided. Good luck!

  • MikeLo

    Jailbreakme worked fine to me , but I used it when it 1st came out. Goodluck guys

    • derek

      my ipod is a 2nd generation And it wont work

      • Poopeefartcrap

        I’ve gotta iPod touch 3Gen 4.1 fw and it won’t work
        Does any body no when the site will update to work with 4.1

      • big nard

        SAME 3.1.3

      • Ian

        Yeah it didn’t work 4 means I’m iPod touch 2g so if you want it jailbroken fast and no messin u should try spirit

    • Elbel

      I don’t know where to frekin go to jalibreak my iPod touch itz my iPod is a second generation and 7 gegabites

    • Orascio

      I got second generatoin wat did I do wrong please reply:(

    • It said that I have to downgrade my device which is a iPod touch 4 gen is there a other web

  • October

    Are there any substantial claims to this “may not be reversible?”

    • Goofygreek

      @october Every jailbreak is reversible. Just put the phone onto restore mode and iTunes completely wipes the phone the replaces the os.

      • Mizan

        Why October ? How do u know that????? please reply

  • Turbo

    I used jailbreakme on my 3g and had no problems. Now I hope my ip4 I just ordered comes with ios 4.0.1 keeping fingers crossed

  • Goofygreek

    I used jailbreakme when it first came out on 3 ip4s and it work on all of them just fine.

  • Thierry

    @turbo I’m almost sure you’ll get a 4.0.2. I just bought mine yesterday in Paris and it is the latest firmware

  • Z

    I used jailbreakme.modmyi.com


    I did installed ios 4.0.1 and it was unable to enter to phone with at&t sim card. automatically showing emergency call menu.after sliding did not activating. then how i can go to my safari?
    better have tool like redsnow or spirit.

    Please help



    • Goofygreek

      Search the forum here. There was a tutorial on how to activate with a fake sim card.

    • Andres

      To get out fine a at&t sim card dont matter if active or not

  • Nik

    Tried all mentioned sites on my touch, each one forbidden. Gutted lol

  • MusicD

    For some reason, there’s a problem with jailbreakme altogether. Is there another way to jailbreak on the device? Or are we supposed to wait until the site is back up?

  • Jet

    Yeah, it was working this morning…however all servers are down or not responding as of now.

  • Devon

    Will they be releasing a new iPod touch jailbreak for 4.0.2??? If so when?? :))))

  • Mizan

    Yeah what Devon just said will they be releasing a new jailbreak for 4.0.2 ? If so when ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  • hello yea it work

  • Devon

    ??? Anthony??? What do you mean by yea it work???

  • I have a 3GS running 4.0.1 tring to jailbreak it
    I slide the bar and I get kicked off the Internet

    Can anyone HELP please

  • Bachir Rassi

    3GS at 4.0.0
    tried jailbreakme.com
    cydia installed successfully

    .. now stuck on apple logo …

    Is there a way to restore without updating firmware to 4.0.2


  • KiD

    3Gs at 3.1, every time I try to put a different ipsw on it, it tries to verify with apple. How do I get around that?

  • rob

    I’ve used every possible variation of the jailbreakme website, everytime i slide to jailbreak you see it loading in the top left near the reception bar then it shuts down safari and goes to the home screen.
    After i open up safari again it on the jailbreakme website it says “oops.. it looks like the installer crashed last time you tried to jailbreak. 🙁 It might work if you try again”

    I’m running 4.0 on my 3gs.. please help!

  • pat

    @rob mine did the same thing on my 4.0 3gs

  • mmmmm

  • Dob

    Try redsn0w or sn0wbreeze for ios 4.0.2 or 4.1

  • Park

    Ok I need some help. I’ve tried all these and it keeps going back to the home screen. Then I try again and it says that oops thing. Pls help I have 3.1.3 iPod touch

    • rosscopeto

      sme for me man!

  • manda

    was working it even downloaded cydia and it said have fun blah blah and the fone is still locked 2 bloody friggin telstra grrrr hate telstra my optus sim wont work

  • Dreshawn

    I tried getting my iPod touch to jailbreak it keeps saying I have 4.0.2 and I Need to downgrade how do I downgrade

  • your problem is solved

    i tired jellbreaking my ipod but the screen came out and everytinh but the problem was that when it said to “slide to be jellbroken” it wont let me slide it..

  • your problem is solved


  • your problem is solved

    it dosent work..!

  • David



    (itunes version 10.0, may say its

    Try these for 4.1, I used greenpois0n and it worked just fine. If you cant get it to work search greenpois0n/limera1n 4.1 walkthrough. (Greenpois0n helps you get itouch/iphone into DFU mode with instructions during the Jailbreak process)

  • Man

    I have a ipod touch 2g firmware is 3.1.3 and i heard that jailbreakme can jailbreak ipod touch 2g 3.1.3 but its not working!!! it always crashes !!!

    • David

      From my experience Jailbreakme does not work on 3.1.3, but works great on 4.0, I would suggest either updating to 4.2.1 an jailbreaking with redsn0w (which is tethered so you would need to rejailbreak if you turn it off, or it dies), or just not jailbreaking at all.

  • Finsta

    I tried with my iPod 4g and it won’t work and iv done every thing else.

    • David

      Did you use the new Greenpois0n? I have a few friends that have successfully jailbroken their 4th gen ipod touches running IOS 4.2.1 and I also jailbroke my 3rd gen ipod touch with the same software version. If you cant get it to work post another comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Jailbreak my iPod

  • David

    Haha I cant Jailbreak your ipod unless you give it to me and you shouldnt trust people on the internet that well. Jailbreaking is something you should do yourself or have a close friend do for you.

  • Jason

    i get it (greenpois0n)

  • jason

    i mean i cant get it (greenpois0n)

  • Erik

    I tryed it with my iphone i.o.s 4.2.1 and its not working and none of the sites were

  • David

    here is the download link for greenpois0n just in case you had the wrong one.


    • Jason

      Is there any other easier way to jailbreaak an i.o.s 4.2.1 ?

      • David

        As far as I know there isnt an easier way but the only difficult part of jailbreaking with greenpois0n is putting your ipod/iphone into DFU mode (and the program has instructions with a timer on how to do it). Once you have your ipod in DFU mode then you click “jailbreak” and wait, after you should have an app called loader which you should open to download Cydia (make sure you dont close the app while its downloading or you will have to SSH into your ipod and delete the partially downloaded cydia.app before you can download it again)

  • N2468tlol

    Hey, why not just use http://jailbreakme.com/star for jbme2
    or for the new jbme 3 use

    • David

      The purpose of this page was to tell people of those sites and they are not working for everyone (jailbreakme 2.0 only jailbreaks up to 4.0.1 and 3.0 is not compatible with 2nd gen iPod/iPhones).