Mexican mobile provider, Telcel, announces that the iPhone 4 is now available for purchase for our (US) neighbors of the South. Apple stores and Sansborns shops are the retailers that will carry the device.

Both the 16 and 32 GB have been released and are powered by a 3.5G HDSPA internet connection. 3 different plans have been released by Telcel for those wishing to own a piece of smartphone history…

Maz Messenger shows us the details:

  • You can get the 16GB version free, if you sign up for Telcel’s Mas x Menos (more for less) plan for 24 months at a cost of 1,235 pesos per month, or
  • Take a prepaid plan for the 16GB iPhone 4 at a cost of 9,379 pesos, or
  • Opt for the 32 GB prepaid plan for 10,949 pesos.

The site states that the bloggers in Mexico have (predictably) started to complain about the prices that they say are exuberant. For those without their currency convertors handy, 2,500 pesos equals about $200.

If you ask me I think that getting a free iPhone for signing a $100 contract is a pretty sweet deal. Do you think these prices are fair?

  • Hello The iPhone 4 in Mexico comes installed with IOS 4.0.2 and can not make the jailbreak with jailbreakme.

    any idea to make the jailbreak?

    • Z

      Your best bet is to learn all the new features till next update and hopefully with release of 4.1 FW dev team will issue the soft version of jailbreakme. You’re out of luck for now. Sorry

      • Thanks for you support.

  • Hello! I have a 3GS iPhone and the plans for the iPhone 4 are less expensive than one year ago. The best deal is to get a “Mas x Menos 4” plan with unlimited Internet and 300mins for a downpayment of 100USD and 63USD for 24 months. You are getting the state of the art 32GB iPhone for 100 USD, for me, is one he’ll of a deal (:

  • Z

    The price is extreme.
    100$/month for 24 months comes out to be 2,400$ after 24 months of use.
    AT&T charges you 200$ and 65$/month for 24 months. Comes to 1,760$

    I consider the prices to be a little too much. Good they are complaining.

    • CoachLDE

      I agree with Z. Take it from someone who lives in Mexico. That price is insane, not to mention the fact that if you are part of a plan on Telcel you will have calls charged to your account that you did not make on a monthly basis.

  • Ethan

    I’m very surprised that any provider can give away the iPhone for free. I realize they’re responsible for subsidies and probably had nothing to do with Cupertino, but nevertheless
    it’s very “un Apple”.

  • Richard

    UK, £200 iPhone 4 + £15 per month (12 months) o2 (WOO HOO)

  • candyer

    The iPhone 4 is now available in Greece from two carriers,Cosmote and Vodafone.It’s also unlocked.The full price for the phone is 649 euros for the 16GB model and 779 euros for the 32 GB model.
    The interest from consumers is HUGE!
    PS: I have some other good APPS from aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.