This is the second Apple Store to be robbed in just 2 weeks. This time, it’s my local Apple Store at UTC Mall in San Diego that got robbed, as reported by 9 to 5 Mac. Two guys dressed in jeans and hoodies showed up at the front of the store and smashed the glass doors. They grabbed 12 iPhones and left…

Since UTC Mall is open air, it wasn’t hard for them to get in and out. The robbery happened at 4.20AM, which makes me believe the thieves might just be stoners. Just kidding. More seriously, where were you this morning around 4.20am?

  • Dadditude

    Kinda makes you wonder what their insurance premiums are like… Not that they can’t afford it!

  • appletiser

    is it just me or is having stock in plain view of the public, behind weak glass, not just an open invitation for this to happen :-/

  • KinGz

    They obviously had connections to someone in the store.

  • Andrew

    Ha. I’d burn one with you Sebastien.

    Yah, glass structure doesn’t seem to offer the best security. :/

  • Tony

    I didn’t think you lived in the USA, Sabastion?

    • I’m French born and raised but I’ve lived in San Diego for the last 7 years.

  • sh*t man
    you seriously need better security like is glass structure

  • Z

    Where was I? I was smoking lol

  • Great headline! Draws much attention.

  • robber

    Why only took 12 iphones?? if i were the robber, I will take all.. 🙂

  • Anna

    Hey, I go to that mall too!

  • merc

    only if they used the same type of glass on the iphone…………………wait, never mind!!!! lol

  • Vik071

    Geez! The footage really does not honor my 6″ 3′ height with long blonde hair that can be spotted in Cupertino town Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 6 pm…

  • If you are the thief, what model would you take? 😀

  • sai

    they need to have Security