I think this is a must-watch video of Steve Jobs talking about branding and where Apple should stand. I’m not sure when this video was recorded, but I’m glad Steve didn’t do about speech about clothing. I mean look at these shorts, man, that’s wild! At any rates, this is the essence of Apple.


  • AnotherBrian

    That doesn’t look as bad as I thought it might be for that time, man it could have been knee socks with stripes and real short shorts.

  • Z

    Look at those getaway sticks!!!

  • Jason masters

    He actually dressed better there than now.

  • Can’t get this Flash video to load on my iPhone… auuh you get that? Hold on let me grab my Android phone so I can watch this video…

    • Andrew

      Psst, it’s not a flash video.

  • Jason masters

    Played fine on my iPhone 4 you must have one of the iPhones they hand out to “special children” so it could be disabled ask your mom to take off the restrictions.

    • Joe

      You’re stupid I’m watching this from my iPhone 4 right now 😛

      • whatever, i’m watching it from my Nokia 3310! lol

  • Javier

    Based on the looks of the monitors behind him and his glasses, it looks like it was recorded sometime between 1993 and 1995