SwitcherPlus is a new jailbreak application that brings your iPhone app switcher to the lockscreen. I have been trying it, and while it’s still in beta, I find it very stable. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had any issue at all with SwitcherPlus since I installed it.

When on your lockscreen, simply double tap the home button and the switcher will show up. You can choose to add some favorites to the switcher. These favorites will always be the first 4 apps that will appear in your switcher no matter what.

To get SwitcherPlus, add this source to Cydia http://www.switcherplus.com/cydia/spbeta1.0, then reboot your iPhone. The SwitcherPlus icon will appear on your home screen, from where you’ll be able to tweak the settings to your liking.

SwitcherPlus is from the same developers as BiteSMS, and really is on its way to get in my favorite iPhone jailbreak apps. Oh and before I forget, it plays nice with Five Icon Switcher.

Give it a test drive and tell us what you think.

  • Burge

    After reading this I went and got it, this is so cool and because it’s from the bite team it will get updates and will not fail. Just a shame it carnt have web apps ( ie iDB )

  • Burge

    Seb you need to get your site in cydia for download then it will work with this cool tweak

    • Not a bad idea. I guess I need to find a developer to do this though.

      • Z

        Sebastien, you should ask developers of the apps you’re promoting. It should be relatively easy, considering that it’ll only install a bookmark with iDB icon.

        As for SwitcherPlus, does it override lockscreen security? And can the gesture be reconfigured in Activator? My son really likes the home button =)

  • Burge

    Just get in touch with one of the repos iam sure that thay can help you find someone

  • Burge

    @ Z
    When lock is on and you try to launch one of the apps it then need the passcode putting in.
    You can not use activator with this it’s not there to choose In activator

    • Z

      @Burge Thanks bud, just finished playing around with the settings. But if you haven’t pointed it out, I wouldn’t even think of testing that. As for Activator – the gesture is what you set for the switcher. Love the favorites feature.

      One thing I’m impressed with is that it’s only in beta and works great on 3GS. Some developers should take a note of this before rushing launch of a buggy app.

      Great tweak/app. It would be nice if the status bar didn’t move in lockscreen when activating the switcher (as you can see in the picture of the article) and if it wasn’t a stand alone app, but integrated into the settings app.

  • adam

    am using iphone 3gs 3.1.3 jailbreaked.i downloaded this switcherPlus but ended up my iphone stop functioning. now what i could view on the springboard is an icon and with some codes and written sad iphone by Geoff Steams. I even tried to restore back but itunes cant detect my iphone.

    pls help..

    • Burge

      Swip the status bar and the hit restart ( middle button )

      • Adam

        Thanks 🙂
        got thru it and my iphone works normal after i uninstalled switcherPlus. Surely it’s a great app but i couldn’t run it on my iphone *sighs*

    • Z

      Well, next time be more careful with what you install. It is obvious that SwitcherPlus is for iOS4 only.

      Try Circuitous for 3.1.3 – it’s free and worked great for me.

  • Eric

    Your article implies that you can only have 4 favorites by saying they will be the first 4 apps in the switcher where as in reality if you set 8 favorites they will be be the first 8 apps in the switcher, etc.

  • manu

    Great app but doesnt work on my 3gs 4.01 SW. I think it might be because i have ilock.

    When i am on the lock screen, and click on the app to open… it goes dim again and the app will only open when i unlock manually the screen. Any clue what to do?

    • Z

      It works great on my 3GS. If you want the app to override the lockscreen, try disabling the security lock.

      I don’t have iLock, and it works like it’s not even a beta =)

  • tasha

    i was unable to add favorites. if anyone can assist me with this issue please help. i contacted the developers but they did not know what the problem was. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Curtix

    I too either cannot add gavottes or cannot figure out how to add them. When I open the “manage favorites” window it is blank and seems to have no way to add a fav. I have iPhone 4 and am running 4.0.1

    • Embelisheddotcom

      I have the iohone4 as well. 4.01. I emailed the developer so her is aware. He’s pretty good at fixin’ bugs. I’ve had BiteSMS for a while now and he emails me back and fixed issues.

      Switherplus is apparently the new kirikae, which is great!

  • Embelisheddotcom

    By the way, I posted the earlier message as “Tasha”

  • interceptor

    is this work for my ipod touch ios4??coz i try to installed it and it doesn’t work..i also installed five icon switcher to be sure but still the same it doesn’t work..what can i do???

    • Burge

      U first need multitasking. There is one for the iPod but it slows down the pod so much

  • withnail

    for those not seeing favourites to add, you must install from the repo stated at the top of the article and not from previously installed repos

    • Embelisheddotcom

      Am I to delete te switcherplus app already installed before downloading the new app?

    • Embelisheddotcom

      I downloaded the source but when I tired to install the app it crashed. I had to reinstall the app from the other repo

    • tasha

      hello i tried to do what you suggested but it didnt work. i was able to download the source, however it crashed on installation. do you have any other suggestions?

  • tasha

    sorry for having so many posts but i did the following and was able to add favorites to the appl
    1. uninstalled switcherplus
    2. turned on WIFI
    3. added the following repo to cydia: “repo.hacktouch.com”
    4. did a cydia search for “switcherplus”
    5. downloaded the one that came from the rep above.


  • @Sebastien: didn’t you upgrade to 4.1 ?

    • I updated my 3GS to 4.1 but my iPhone 4 still is at 4.0

  • and for another, how about if you use a passcode ?

    • Then you can’t use SwitcherPlus as it defeats the purpose of the password

  • gotcha (on both counts..)

  • does this work for the ipod touch 2g on 4.0 ?? because i have this app installed and i also have multifl0w and this one isnt working …

  • Oli

    Works great with MultiCleaner!
    I didn’t like that I had to hold down the power button to exit, so now i use activators slide in gesture to prompt MultiCleaner to quit the app instantly.. Just a hint.

    Are there any reasons to use Backgrounder with Switcherplus or has it lost its purpose?
    And if it’s useful… In what way?

    Just upgraded to 4.01 yesterday…