We reported earlier in the month about AT&T downplaying and avoiding questions about the effects it will suffer if and when their iPhone exclusivity runs out. The tune is staying the same from the telephone provider but now they are citing tablets such as the iPad as their future lifeline.

Without getting specific about the rumors of a Verizon iPhone, Glen Lurie (AT&T emerging devices president) says that the company plans to keep “plugging along” at the same rate of success they are now. Yeah, right…

Electronista outlines the representatives opinion about the emerging possibilities of tablets becoming full fledged computers. Lurie talked about products like the iPad being priced in the future at $300-$1000. Currently the iPad ranges from $499-$830.

While I agree with the president and his analysis surrounding the popularity of tablets, I don’t see what any of that has to do with sharing the revenue of their best selling product. Selling lots of tablets is great and all, but reeling in the dough from monthly phone contracts is where the real money comes from.

I don’t expect any white flags to be waived though it gets clearer each day that everyone aware of the situation has been coached to steer away from the topic at hand. What would you say about losing the exclusivity if you represented AT&T today?

  • zaba

    att is grity, offering 2gigs of data for $25 amonth for their shatty 3G network, verizon offers unlimited data for superior 3G network for just 5 bucks more, fuck att, they are surviving because idevices

  • John

    Agree, they are going to hit the shitter after they open to Ver, espcially with these crappy driod phones

  • Weebsurfer

    Should do nothing to subsidized prices… Look at Canada! If it does it’s BS and you’re being reamed!

  • Thisdood

    Yeah, I’m bummed that there isn’t as many rumors for a t-mo iPhone but I agree that att is going to burn, and this 25$ a month for nothing is them trying to create a fast money cushion…

  • Garypsu

    Let millions run to Verizon if they get an iPhone, and clog up their network. Att will be better then.

  • Z

    As a matter of fact, they are very confident. I got my 3GS in February, shortly after iPhone 4 came out, which I obviously had no clue about. I have a 3 line business account with AT&T one of which is iPhone. That’s where the fun part is:
    Me: Ma’am, am I eligible for an upgrade?
    The lady took all the account info and IMEI number…
    AT&T: Sir, are you willing to upgrade all the lines?
    Me: No
    AT&T: I’m sorry, sir, but you are only eligible for a soon upgrade. It shows that you’ve upgraded only 6 months ago.
    Me: 6 months ago I acquired an iPhone 3GS with a new 2year contract
    AT&T: Acquired?! (surprised) But you paid a discounted price…
    I decided not to give her an English 101 explaining the difference between an acquisition and an upgrade lesson and asked for a manager, who wasn’t in of course.
    The lady went on and on about the upgrade fees and why am I not eligible (I’m only 6 months into the contract [the renewed 2 year iPhone contract] after being their business customer for 35 years).

    So if I said ‘Yes’ instead of a ‘No’ I think I would be eligible… Have a meeting with an AT&T store manager on Monday, and they better be ready to lose a customer unless they upgrade my damn iPhone, and they should consider doing it for free.

    So AT&T DOES NOT CARE about the exclusivity, neither do they care about getting more new 2 year contracts.