Those of you who purchased an iPhone 4 and are using it on an unofficial carrier were not able to activate FaceTime. There is now a fix for this. It’s called MiTime and from what I read, it’s working well.

MiTime is an app/service for activating FaceTime on phones that are operating on unofficial carriers. It should work worldwide and will use two text messages to activate. You must be able to receive an international SMS message to get activated (see here if you can receive international SMS).

You first have to download MiTime from Cydia for free. Then go to the MiTime site to pay $5.99 for activating the app. Finally, simply follow the easy instructions posted.

This video will show you the whole process (warning: it’s boring).

Please let us know how it works for you.

[Thanks JasonMasters]

  • Jason masters

    Your welcome I love this blog it’s my favorite tipb dropped the ball entirely!

    • Armando

      I thought you said you didn’t have your phone jail broken!
      How did you installthis app?

  • Jason masters

    You are confused I have been jailbroken since the jb came out

    • Armando

      sorry but on top it says that Sebastian has written this.
      And in another post he says he hasn’t jailbroken yet!

      • I think you’re confused. I am jailbroken. I’ve always been, well, at least since the iPhone 4 jailbreak came out. The other writer here at iDB who is NOT jailbroken is Ethan.

  • MikeLo

    This app is b.s he’s charging ppl! I found at a way to get my FaceTime to work on t-mobile for free. If anybody wants to know hit me up.

    • Can you explain your method here?

    • mike

      how you do it pls ?

    • Lawrnce A.

      can you plesae send me the info how to activate facetime free thanx.

    • haguier

      hey im going crazy trying to activate my facetime pls help me email is

  • yeah MikeLo ….. fill us in ….. maybe so ipdb can do a blog post on it? make a video and share it? otherwise you’re just full of shit!!! peace n bacon grease :X