iLounge reveals a bit of discerning information that took a mysterious amount of time to surface. It turns out that the iPhone 4 shares the same limitations as the iPad and the Apple TV in regards to being unable to transfer rented movies back to your iTunes library.

The ability to move rentals had never been a problem before when renting on previous iPhone models. An excerpt from the iPhone iOS 4 User Guide briefly mentions the limitation on page 99, and it reads as such:

“On iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, you can transfer rented movies between iPhone and your computer. On iPhone 4, you can transfer rented movies between iPhone and your computer only if they were rented in iTunes on your computer. Movies rented on iPhone 4 cannot be transferred to a computer.”

This latest iPhone 4 restriction is added to the video output limitations (also prohibited on the iPad), which eliminates the possibility of HD content through a VGA Connector. Needless to say it doesn’t make much sense to rent high definition movies directly to your iPhone. The Retina Display is certainly stunning but still doesn’t equate the necessary 720p resolution to be recognized as HD.

Is anyone else surprised by the length of time it took to notice the lack of transferability from iPhone 4 to iTunes? Why would Apple allow this on previous iPhones and not the latest and greatest? Express your wisdom and fury in the limitless comment box below.

  • SillyBear

    It’s just more evidence that the iPhone 4 sucks unless it’s jailbroken.

  • Kevin

    I’m guessing not many people rent movies on their phone, hense the amount of time it took to bring this to all of our attentions. I have never rented a movie on iTunes period, at their prices why would I? I agree it sucks though & shouldn’t be the way it is. Perhaps they want ALL future models to not have this feature & since it was a feature on previous models they can’t take that away legally? Just a guess.

  • That seems a bit ridiculous. You are allowed to have the movie on your computer and iPhone if you rent it from your computer but if you rent it from your iPhone you can only have it on the phone.

  • Shadow

    Not surprised due to: Why the hell would anyone rent crap from iTunes in first place?!?!? Especially *from* an iPhone/iPod device (with possible exception of iPad due to larger screen)?

  • John

    that’s just stupid!!

  • Wanted to install the latest OS but because I have a rental I haven’t watched that was downloaded to the iPhone 4, now I can either wait to install or lose the rental. Thanks, Apple.

  • sky

    i want an iphone so bad