I wondered when the App Store would produce a hit so huge that it would crossover into a cultural phenomenon. It seems that time is now, and the characters in the the limelight will be the fierce and feathered Angry Birds.

Variety reports that the developers at Rovio have been in talks with Hollywood executives about expanding the iPhone success of Angry Birds to the next level. The following is from the original article…

Rovio, the Finnish creator of the hit iPhone and iPad game, which has sold more than 6.5 million downloads, wants to turn the property into a major franchise that crosses over to other platforms — from TV shows and movies to toys and comicbooks.

Apparently the toy deal is already underway according to Ville Heijari, who is a Rovio representative. Be prepared for stuffed animals designed after the main bird characters, who in the game fly in flocks to fight off evil pigs.

I for one have never played Angry Birds so I’m curious to know from those who have if the story line is deep enough to support a featured film. Will this million dollar app be able to make the jump into Hollywood? Or will this be an overreach that ends up killing two birds with one stone? Let us know your thoughts in our high flying comment box.

  • me

    I played a little bit of it, and there isn’t even a story line in the game.

  • Burge


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      • Burge


  • Jeb Lawrence

    how have you not played angry birds? wtf.

  • Sascha

    Heehee, as the first poster said, the game does not have a story. Well, it kind of does to justify the game’s action.

    Evil pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs and therefore the birds got angry and now attack the pigs in various stages. The objective of the game is to shoot the birds (yes the birds themselves) with a rubber slingshot at the pigs, which sit in and about different buildings that serve as obstacles. You need to destroy the buildings (and pigs therein) with the least possible number of birds as the remaining birds will make bonus points at each level.

    I wonder how they’re going to develop a film-worthy story from this 😀 The game is fun, though.


  • Jgr627

    Nooo wwaaayyyy, angry is a really good game but I don’t see how they can make a movie unless they market it straight to kids

  • appletiser

    if the movie is a variation of the SAW franchise, showing extremely gruesome ways to exterminate the evil pigs, then maybe ok, if not then there’ll be little in the way of content to justify a full length film.

  • jc

    yes there is a story lline. the story line is the pigs steal the eggs and the birds get angry (hence the name of the game) and kick the pigs asses.

  • I’m a big fan of Angry Birds. However, I can’t really imagine a whole movie around it. Sure there is a story line as JC mentioned in the comment before me, but still, it’s pretty weak and I can’t see how you could have an hour and a half movie about it.

    • Angry Birds is a great game but I have to agree that a whole movie based on the current story line would be boring.

  • Cankisha

    Angry Birds is the game! Wait’n for the new episode.

  • Inthebegining99

    Angry Birds is a great game. They could most definitly make a movie from the game. You people have no imagination! All they have to do is elaberate a little on the situation, and did you not see how many different levels they had. They could make a story out of those, i mean they had one in space so just imagine the story line they could come up with for that one! Yes this will probally be a childrens movie but so was most of Disney’s movies and last time I checked they were doing alright!

  • Hcstargate

    This is a fantastic game and I am waiting anxiously for more

  • They will make anything into a movie these days….

  • I will be playing Angry Birds on my new LeNOVO LePhone. I love this Game! 🙂

  • I don’t know whether Angry Birds Coming to Toys or films, I just know Plants Vs. Zombies has some toys. If the birds come to toys, I will likely to get one.:)

  • @Sascha, great thinking… How will you do it? making a film with this angry birds? Hmmm? I just thought that maybe you make this angry birds a super ninja or make it some 3D anime kind of story and their will be more fighting seen to enhance and longer the duration of the film! any idea guys? hahaha!

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  • jogos

    played a little bit of it, and there isn’t even a story line in the game

  • kizi

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