Surprisingly, we didn’t get an invite for this, but TechCrunch did, and according to it, Apple will be holding a “special event” on September 1st, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco at 10 am.

The invite comes with the image above, which strongly indicates the event will most likely be focused on music. Let the speculations go wild! What are they going to unveil? My guess is we’re going to hear about the new iPod Touch with a nice Retina Display and a front-facing camera for FaceTime. Apple will also probably unveil a cloud-based version of iTunes… 

Rumors have it that we might also hear about the new iTV and iTunes television show rentals. That seems like a whole lot of announcements, doesn’t it.

So, what do YOU think Apple will unveil at this event?

  • Most likely the ipod touch with retina display. Apple usually reveals a later model of the ipod every year as with the iphone, but around the time of mid-august. It’s going on September, but because we have seen delays regarding the white iphone 4 I’m not supprised. That takes me to my next assumption. While it’s true we might be given the ability to access itunes via the cloud, it is also possible we might be given a different ipod touch featuring the inhanced glass on both the front and back. Who knows, Apple might throw in a little color while their at it, but my guess is that’d be asking for too much.

  • Burge

    I bet there won’t be a white one

    • I don’t disagree.

      • Burge

        Although thay might just show one and than say you carnt have it……. yet !

    • Lucas K.

      Haha no doubt.

  • Ghettocowboy

    could it be iPhone 4 Version 1.1: the one without Antenna problem??? Wishful thinking.

    Dream on, not gonna get anything like this from Steve Blows Jobs

  • griff

    what kind of iphone does steve jobs have?

    • Burge

      He got a iPhone 4

  • Andrew

    When you said, “Surprisingly, we didn’t get an invite for this,” were you bring sarcastic, or aré you really surprised you weren’t invited?

    • No dude, I was totally being sarcastic. Of course we didn’t get an invite. Every time there is an Apple event, I pretend I’m surprised we didn’t get invited. It’s just a funny way to introduce the thing. Don’t take it seriously.

      • Andrew

        Hilarious, that is funny!

        I take it very personally that Apple didn’t invite my favorite blog to this event! I’m going to write Steve Jobs a letter!!

  • Jason masters

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  • Jason masters

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  • stef

    skype skype skype video

  • Sanjay

    new itunes or… new streaming service.