Vincent Hunter was visiting relatives in Connecticut when his iPhone sounded an alert that his motion detectors were going haywire in his Dallas home.

When he opened the app on his iPhone he witnessed two burglars attempting to break an entering as he dialed 911.

iCam was the application he had installed on his phone, which is available in the App Store for $4.99. The app allows you to stream live video to your iPhone from up to 4 different webcams.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Hunter received the alert via text message and watched the entire sequence of events unfold. After struggling to get into the house, the would-be robbers tossed a brick through his glass doors.

Minutes later, the webcam feed showed 2 police officers arrive at the scene. As for the thieves, they apparently got away. This just goes to show that you should never visit your relatives out of state.

  • Oscar14A

    Vincent is one smart dude, icam just saved his house from getting robbed but the glass doors no big deal insurance should cover it. Guess he learned his lesson don’t visit anyone out of state, even family.

  • Ethan

    He’ll never have to justify his another app purchase! “see honey, look at how useful this thing is”

  • Pretty cool! I have read a couple of similar articles. The most interesting was a golf club groundsman who controlled the watering of the greens via his iPad.

  • Burge

    My boss got the lights and watering systems in his garden link to his iPhone. You can walk down the garden turning on lights then off when you go past and don’t need them. Oh yer and the sever at work and all the macs and pcs. You can control just about anything with a iPhone

    • It’s functions such as these that make the iPhone “magical”.

  • Ai

    That is just way too cool


  • I hope they don’t develop an iRobHouses app…

  • Johnnyduke

    Odviously this didn’t work at all, the robbers came and left before the cops even arrived. Same would have happened with no app. You just wouldn’t know about it till later.

  • Bapakkerapu

    I went out of state for one week and you know what my wife did at home?.. She …..

    • VnABC

      Lol hahahaha

  • Terry Vega

    Awesome apps. What is the name so the app to work my sprinklers…would love it..