The Google Mobile application for the iPhone now offers push notifications for Gmail and the Google Calendar. The app is free in the App Store and is said to offer “real” notifications that give you message type previews.

Previously iPhone users were required to use a 3rd party service to bring these types of notifications to their iPhones. Also included in the app is “search as you type” results.

Let us know if you’re able to download the update and tell us how its working in our comment box.

  • BrianM

    Downloaded as soon as I heard about it. Still not working though.

  • Saice

    the push notification doesn’t work only the badges work thats all.

  • The badge updates but the notification bubbles don’t seem to be working… assuming we’re supposed to be getting notification bubbles in the first place?

  • Fz

    Push notification doesn’t work!!
    Didn’t expect that from google

  • John

    If you set google as an exchange account on your iPhone you get push email and cal anyway…. Just check google for the setup, server = or something like that.. I use it and it’s awesome. I have google cal sync on my pc at home so it pulls it down there too!

  • Lucas K.

    I use google sync for calendar and contacts and imap for mail as it always made my mail wonky w/ weird “non-existent” emails from 1969 and such, so I use Push Gmail app for the push notifications and love it. The Google app still doesn’t push even badge updates for me so I just deleted it. What a fail from Google.