We’ve talked about Multifl0w before, one the first jailbreak apps to give a multitasking UI to the iPhone. At the time, I wasn’t really a fan because I thought that ProSwitcher was a much better application. Things have changed a lot since then. Apple developed their own multitasking feature, and ProSwitcher was left for dead by its developer who recently said he will not update it.

Multifl0w is back stronger than ever with a new and improved interface that now brings support for iOS 4 and the iPad. The app now shows up to 9 opened applications on the same screen for easy and quick task switching.

What’s really nice about it is that Multifl0w can work alongside or completely replace Apple’s app switcher. You decide!

You can get Multifl0w from Cydia for $4.99. If you download this application, please make sure to share your thoughts about it in the comments.

  • akag

    Well, it seems like the author of Proswitcher change his mind and WILL UPDATE it very soon. Tweeted about it to the world just recently. Great. More choice! Compared to jb community App store is so boring these days…

    • Oh you’re right. Yesterday he wrote a blog post saying he wouldn’t update ProSwitcher any longer but 3 hours ago he sent a tweet saying he would after all and that we can expect a release sometimes this week. Awesome!

    • Asllin

      Should of get the cracked version to try it out first. Crash all the time on iPad, not sure about iPhone 4.

  • John

    Love Pro, looking forward for it on the Pad!

  • JMurph212

    Okay, I downloaded multiflow cracked by Sinful on my iPhone 4 & everytime I try to multitask, it goes into safe mode. Help plz! Is there a better source or something ? Thx soooo much ! XD

  • I bought & tried Multifl0w & it’s really awesome. Really worth it & it’s fast & smooth!

    • JMurph212

      What source did u use? And which phone did u use it on?

      • Burge

        If you won’t free copy use the one on the repo I posted below

  • jimbo

    should have try before buy option

  • Janet55

    This is awesome! But how is the battery life affected after this? Do a review!
    Well, i have jailroken my iPad, now very enjoyable with iPad and got many apps on it, like ipad video converter from ifunia and installed flash, I can enjoy movies from Hulu and YouTube freewheelingly, you know too many apps online are infect the speed, I do really need the multifl0w help me implement multitasking!

  • SoundSurround


    They probably didn’t crack the iOS 4 version yet….

  • Burge

    Ok here is the only cracked copy of this I can find, it is at -repo.insanelyiph0ne.com/ – this is the only time I will give out one of my creaked repos…… enjoy…,

    • SuvSmiley

      saw insanelyiphone.com that got fontswap. i tried to install that instead of other fontswap in cydia and do u happened to know if its working or not ? i tried to install fontswap from insanelyiphone but fontswap pop up said “selected font package appears to have invalid metadata and cannot be installed on the device” ??

      • Burge

        I’ve just put it on my 3GS and gave it ago looks like it’s not been updated for 4.0.#

      • Burge

        Use fontswap from BigBoss that does work, just done it

  • Burge

    Ps sinfuliphone is so last year

    • Burge

      Cracked not creaked. Got to love iPhone for changing words

  • Burge

    Just looked at the repo it’s one of the good one have fun !

  • Allright

    Don’t download sinful muiltfl0w crack bec it will disable rock extension. My iphone is locked up and cant get to slide or freeze up!!! I have to use iphone browser on my vista cpu to remove the muiltfl0w crack. Unless they fixed the bug!!!

    • Burge

      Sinful crack is for 3.0.# use the repo I posted above

  • SuvSmiley

    Thanks a million to BURGE. I didnt know and now the multifl0w is working ISO4. Yay! :)~

  • brent

    I’m testing Multifl0w and the native app switcher side by side. I like the interface, it looks and works nicely, but I have 2 gripes so far:

    1) Not every app that shows up in the native app switcher shows up on the multifl0w screen. Why would that be?

    2) And when I run Pandora or Slacker Radio and close the app in multifl0w, the music continues to play.


    I discovered something cool. Not sure if this is common knowledge or not. When you start up a Pandora or Slacker Radio (probably others…I don’t know) the nifty iPod controls you find if you swipe to the right in the app switcher become controls for the streaming radio app. This is cool because you don’t have to go back in the app to start/stop/skip, but this is a little annoying if you want to kill all your apps within multifl0w.

  • brent

    I think I’ve figured out issue #1 above ^^^

    Could it be that the native app switcher shows the icon for every app whether it supports multitasking or not, and the Multifl0w only shows the apps that do support multitasking?

    If that’s the case, I shouldn’t worry about the apps that stay in the native switcher, right? because they aren’t actually using any of the iPhone’s resources. Or am I off???

  • Burge

    Got it, but multiflow works the same way as well, all because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s backgrounding it’s just a quick app switcher which pauses apps that don’t run background
    That’s what I find

  • davig

    It crashes all the time, and restart my phone, not sure they have tested this one or not, 100% crashes all the time.

  • Maik

    running on 3GS 3.1.3.
    As I was happy with the video, I took the step to uninstall my beloved proswitcher. bought multifl0w, installed, restarted and after the first try of multitasking…crash. homescreen froze.

    No thank you.

    Now back with proswitcher until further notice. certainly will not put this on my ipad yet..

  • Dripps

    Working great on my iPhone 4 but I’ve removed it from my iPad 3G for now. I was needing to reboot the iPad too often and it was causes programs to not run (click on icon it they try to start and then go back to homescreen). I think it was memory issue as they usually ran once or twice before this showed up. Back to normal since removing Multi-flow. Hoping for update as I really like the functionality.

  • interceptor

    can i use this to my ipod ios4??

    • Burge

      It will work but you need to get- enable multitasking -from cydia for your iPod, my son has this and if I was you I wouldn’t bother it slows down the iPod

  • Kenmal

    Helpful advice: iPhone 4 it will crash and put into safe mode only if u rush to close the apps go slow and wait for the screen to shuffle the apps in multiflow and it won’t crash on you.. Hope this helped..

  • Alex

    Hey I downloaded this multiflow it worked fine
    For me but there one thing I don’t like and how do I use back the original apple multitasking without uninstalling multiflow there is some unexplained reasons some apps opened is not showing in the multiflow pls advise! Email me at alex-1728@live.com thanks

  • Gorgonphone

    works great on 3gs on 4.0.1 that is loaded up with mods ..got multi flow on home button press and hold command and regular switcher on double tap home command works great cause i can choose with one to use and still access the ipod and orientation lock controls… this is a really coo show off app …lol