Looks completely legit to me. Now I wonder how this guy got his hands on a white iPhone 4. Any guess?

[9 to 5 Mac]

  • That’s a Colorware phone. Painted white by the company.

  • Applebits

    He’s from China???

  • Ryan88

    I have a black iPhone 4 and it didn’t come with the sim remover, did yours?

    • Eric

      It’s in the tiny black folder with the agreement.

      • Ryan88

        no iPhone 4 does not have it and the one in the video does

    • Dan

      Mine came with a sim remover just because yours didn’t come with one does not mean iPhone in general does not come with one

  • Aian

    Can’t see the video on iPhone 4 even with frash installed

  • Aian

    Ryan mine didn’t come with the pin either. Just use a paper clip or a needle

    • Ryan88

      why I ask is in the video he has one with makes me think it’s fake

      • Dan

        My iPhone came with a sim remover so did my partners and het friends did too…

  • jorgeluis500

    Does it suffer from the “Death Grip” disease? It slightly seemed so to me

  • appletiser

    if it is a colorware replica they’ve done a damn fine job

  • akag

    He found it in a bar?

  • futurama_8b

    @akag hahaha!

  • Tabby

    Jeez! Who cares!!!! Gasp My Lord It Is White Does Any One See The End Is Nigh? The IPhone Has Gone White! Wicked Phone In Any Colour So What This Kid Has Too Much Time On His Hands Now Please For Goodness Sake Stop Encouraging Nonsensical behaviour By Reading/Watching These Blogs!!!!

  • KinGz

    Is it made in china?

    • Colten

      If you don’t like these post then don’t get on the site.

  • Jonathan James

    You can buy a white LCD digitizer assy. And a white back glass. eBay it. ! Make ur phone white for about 100 bucks. Hell they have colored ones already. My wifes already has a pink back glass!! Yes i4

  • Jonathan James

    I meant 200 bucks!!

  • Mac

    It s fake just look
    The front face camera
    And the box

  • Ghettocowboy

    It is a fake White iPhone 4 unless he shows us the Antenna problem then I will believe it is a real iPhone 4

  • meeeZ

    Take a look at 3:36 on the video and top left tip of the apple logo on the back. Tip of apple logo is definitely pealing off. Bad Chinese copy.

  • akag

    @Ryan88 Actually, only US customers did not get SIM ejector. Not sure about Europe, but Canadians sure did (according to TiPB ‘s Rene Ritchie).

    • Dan

      In UK we got a sim remover with iPhone 4

  • Look no matter what Apple does they will continue to dig their own grave. I mean it does have some great features but white or not the iPhone 4 has major design flaws. Design should never come before function and usability. Apple seems to have forgotten that.

    I mean the iPhone 4 held the number one spot in the top ten ranking on pc world. Once Apple gave that press conference they took it down with out explanation.

  • Burge

    Fake. The Apple logo on the back has bubbles in it on the left hand side

    • akag

      It may be fake, or not. But “bubble” or “peel” looks much more like a specular highlight caused by amateur video light (around 3:36 on video).

      • Burge

        If this for real, this guy is in deep shit he his handling stolen goods. Apple will have him. So if nothing more comes of this it’s fake

  • I wonder about its veracity because of the box itself. I take the shrink-wrap off of a box before I open it, and this phone has very obviously been out of the box before, since he was able to switch to active programs with loaded content. As far as the SIM ejector tool is concerned, akag mentioned that Canadian customers received it, and the provider logo on the phone is Rogers, which is the Canadian carrier. I have doubts, then, about the box being opened already (which would allow him to put whatever he wanted in, including a Colorware modified iPhone), but not about the SIM tool (which, if akag is correct in saying Canadians received them, is not out of place).

  • Pedro

    Well my iPhone did not come with a sim card remover. If hes “unboxing it”, iPhones don’t come out of the box already on….. this is definitely fake…anyone notice how the wrapper was still on the box when he uncovered it?

    • Killasmitty

      Are u deaf!? He said he synced it in iTunes and jailbroke it. And he said he had another iPhone which he could have easily used the USB cord from.
      And Canadian iPhone 4s came with the aim removal

  • @Killasmitty Sorry, I didn’t hear that. I was at work, so I had to keep my audio turned off. With that in mind, my comment seems kind of dumb!

  • Arma

    He’s full of shit , the iphone 4 doesnt come with the sin remover , doesnt come with the FB app installed

    • Dan

      READ what people are saying only America has not recieved a sim remover – everywhere else has… Including the UK where I got mine

  • chingizkh

    Author should have made a thorough test with it in the dark to see if there are light leaks from anywhere.