Some of you with iPhone 3G who updated to iOS 4 and up have noticed how performances have been degraded. The most common symptom is how slow you iPhone 3G becomes. Apple recently said they are looking into it, and in the meanwhile, we provided you with a quick fix that works for many of you.

A frustrated iPhone 3G user asked Steve Jobs about it:

I’ve waited patiently through 4.0.1 and 4.0.2, looking for a fix that will make my phone work again. I’ve read the forums that advise me to jailbreak my phone or use some other method so I can downgrade back to a version of iPhone 3, however I’m not prepared to use a method that is not supported by Apple.

To which Steve replied:

Software update coming soon.

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Here you go. This software update will probably come under the form of iOS 4.1. If I had a guess, I’d say we’ll see this update early September.

Are you experiencing slow performances on your iPhone 3G?

  • maknyusssss.. mantap boss…

  • Sascha

    Was my 3G slow with OS4? Oh yes it was. Dead slow. Opening apps took more than twice the time than before and worst of all the keyboard seemed to freeze for a while until it would pass the letters I typed with a lag of a few seconds. That made typing a real pain.

    Thanks to iDB I found a manual on how to downgrade to 3.1.3 and now I’m happy again. Apart from the folder feature to group apps and the new design I couldn’t see much difference, anyway, which would justify OS4 on the 3G.


  • Sara

    Yes, I’ve definately noticed that my iphone 3G is running VERRRRY slow since the last upgrade. Hope Apple fixes this soon.

  • sk@tta

    So that is how steve relies to his valid customers, with a 4 word response. Soon can be next year for all that tells me

  • Ai

    Yes it’s extremely slow .

  • jody

    YES, quite slow since upgraded to 4.0.2

  • TheRose

    I’m still not convinced these emails are from the CEO
    But if they are, even a 2 word reponse is good because I don’t think ANY CEOs take the time to read emails from customers

    • Z

      That’s not Jobs response for sure. As a matter of fact I’m really hoping that’s some kind of a joke, because that kind of response to a customer from Apple is the first sign of an available vacancy.

  • Docbooch

    It’s been frustratingly, make me want to throw it a wall, slow.

  • Jonathan James

    I work in a cell repair shop. And ALL 3G iphones that come in with ios4 or up are always very slow. I always recommend to NOT update to ios4+

  • Wendy

    Mine is very slow now too. I use to love my iPhone but since this update I don’t use if as much. I am thinking about switching to the droid.

  • Barry

    Instead of complaining, you should be grateful ios4 is even available four you old 3G (two generations old now). It’s rather like hearing people complaining that Windows 7 is slow on their 500Mhz Celeron.

  • Jonathan James

    Ya Barry. However. Apple left the impression that ios4. Was something u needed to install on ur phone. They never mentioned it would be slow. I mean the 2 g is only compatible up until 313. Why not the 3 g. Why didn’t apple know that the 3G would be slow.

  • Hey Barry, you are a fucking idiot. I should be”grateful”?!?!?!?!?! Are you some stupid fucking idiot?? I bought a device that I expect to be usable. I will tell you this. As of now, with the latest update, I cannot go from app to app…not even downloaded apps but shit like IMs and the phone dialing app…without a delay that makes me want to throw the damn thing against that wall. Apple really fucked up here. I have an iPad, a desktop, and an iPhone. If apple does not figure out how to deal with this, I will have an intel/amd based netbook, desktop, and droid. I am not a studid ass fanboi of apple or intel. I am a fanboi of things that work. Apple get your shit together or you will lose a LOT of customers.

    -Fed Up with bullshit

  • SubObjectiveEye

    Yeah Barry, I have to admit that FedUp2.0 has a logical point that you appear to be failing to recognize. Based on the tone and attitude of your post your self-appointed position of authority reveals your general insignificance relative to anything outside your bedroom walls. Maybe one day you will recognize that if you aren’t part of the solution you’re either part of the problem or irrelevant.

    You might now want to go to the beach. You wouldn’t want sand kicked in your face now, would you?


  • My 3g is so slow accessing email or calendar or almost any push functions that it’s virtually paralyzed and unusable. I’m so tired of this kind update crap that I’m considering to moving to an android OS based device when my phone comes up for renewal.

    Here’s another bitch; Apple is at the 4th generation of phone and the 4.02 gen of OS upgrade and my amazing iPhone still can’t voice dial a telephone call from a bluetooth headset. In order to make any kind of voice dialing work (while driving nonetheless) I have to turn the phone ON, swipe to unlock, swipe to find the app, tap to launch, wait for it to download the contact list, tap and speak the name, look at the phone to see that it selected the incorrect name, tap and speak the name again, look at it again to see if it found the correct name, tap the name and wait for it to dial. With my cheap little clamshell Samsung, I could press the button on the bluetooth headset, say CALL UMPTYFRATZ and UMPTY’s phone # would dial. What’s so damned difficult about that Apple?

  • RC

    So many folks have raved about the iPhone through the years, including the media. My daughter is no exception. She’s purchased every iphone out, except for the 3Gs. Like many crazed iPhone fans, she just got her iPhone 4. I thought I’d switch over from my Motorola Cliq, which is a great piece of hardware. My only complain is I wish it had a bigger screen. In any event, I purchased the 3G from my daugther and unlocked/jailbroke the phone to use with T-Mobile. Just not worth and additional $540 per year for the same plan with AT&T. So far I’m not impressed. I do like the keyboard, the larger screen and the iPod function better than the Cliq but then it’s all downhill from there. I feel like i’m back in the stone age with the slow as molassess processing, which more that offsets the “likes”. I was planning on scrapping the iPhone and going back to the Cliq until I found this posting. I think I can hang on a few more weeks. If not, I’m history and there’s no going back to the iPhone, I don’t care if it’s the super duper iPhone 10!

  • TC

    My IPhone is like using dial up Internet, except I am trying to open my camera, photos, or send a text. Half the time the programs don’t even open, and when I use the keypad; well eventually it catches up to what I typed. 

    Of course trying to open a website is so frustrating I have to use my laptop.  Why? because when I click a link or refresh a page  safari closes, even after I reboot the phone it shuts down.

    I am ready to cancel my contract and throw the non-jalibroken, phone in the trash. Guess I should not have updated to 4.02. 

  • RC

    Locked out my iPhone 3G yesterday. Spent five hours trying to unlock again. Took it to a “unlock” guy at the local Mall. He spent over four hours with no success. I threw in the towel and sold it to him and went back to an old Android phone, which is lightning fast compared to the unlocked 3G. Sick of the whole iPhone thing! Considering the Samsung Vibrant.

  • I turned off search and double hard rebooted. So far it’s better.

  • Iván

    It is impossible to use my iPhone 4.2.1. It is VEEEEEERY slow. Music stops. Desesperating slow using maps. Keyboard not shown on time. Touch screen not responding. Safari hanging. What a mess of device.v