Are you tired of using the “Slide to Unlock” thingy on your iPhone to get access to its homescreen? Then VUnlock might the jailbreak app you’ve been waiting for. VUnlock allows you to use the volume button of your iPhone to unlock the screen.

Using the volume key to access your phone might be a faster way than turning on the screen and swiping your finger across. The downside is you might accidentally unlock your iPhone more often now it’s just one push of a button away.

At any rates, VUnlock is the kind of easy and simple mod that just aims at making your life a bit easier, and we love these. It’s available for free in Cydia.

  • Chazz

    but what happens if you press it during an incoming call? does it just quiet the call as usual or does it now answer the call which is what the slide does during an incoming call…

    • That’s a good question. I’m not sure about that.

  • ChuckB

    Didn’t work on Iphone 4?

    • Joe

      It works on iPhone 4 I got it on mine right now 😉 I don’t use it that much the slide to unlock still has that uuuhh awe feature

  • sk@tta

    I think that a bad idea. The volume buttons gets pressed while inside ur pocket then ur minues run off. The slide feature is much more secure.

  • TattoozNTech

    this is a nice thought & all… but the best question this article should prompt is, where can i get that doormat?! lol…

    • Z

      You get a lot of blondes coming over? You might end up finding your door mat at the neighbor’s. They’ll try sliding the mat to unlock your door 😉

  • Ai

    Ì don’t think it’s a good idea either for the reason of the volume button can be accidentally touched easily. Also I try to minimize touching any button for the fear of them being ruined with excessive use. Mquickdo is a great app that allows you to close app, turn off, reboot the phone, take a screen shot, go to the home screen, double click the home button without pressing any button on the phone.

  • Eduardo Malheiros

    There’s a good reason for Apple to prevent apps from using the volume buttons to perform other tasks, and a week after the photo app episode we can see why. Maybe it wasn’t the case with taking pictures, but the use of those buttons is normally not a good idea, and is definitely going to cause a LOT of accidents.

    Do you prefer to lose half a second every time you use your phone or to get it pronto… in which ever app you have clicked on while the phone was in your pocket!?

  • Doug

    Yeah I want that door mat!

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I tried it out and was instantly turned off. First it would never get accidently pressed in my pocket or anytime for that matter cause of the case i have it doesnt have buttons covering the volume buttons. So in order me to press them i have to press within the case to use them. Also protects incase phone falls it doesnt scratch buttons…anyways i dont like app cause when im playin music and i want to turn vol up or down without unlocking phone i wouldnt want to unlock it. So ill stick with the traditional slide.

    • Z

      The post of the article!
      This has just given me a great reason not to even try it =) well, and a few other downsides pointed out…

  • stink
  • I think that this could be a good idea, would definately speed things up. I’m inclined to check it out – see how many accidents happen.