Android on the iPhone is more of a “project” than anything else. It’s buggy, unstable, and doesn’t even bring all the features needed to fully use the iPhone. So why in the hell would you install Android on your iPhone? Just for the heck of it, of course! Thanks to Sergio McFly, this is now easily possible.

iPhoDroid 1shot is probably the easiest way to install Android on your iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G. It doesn’t require any file editing or anything that might scared the least technically advanced of us. Without further ado, here are the instructions to set up Android on your iPhone. As usual, proceed at your own risks…

Step 1: Make sure your iPhone is jailbroken and Cydia is up to date. If it’s not jailbroken, do so by using JailbreakMe.

Step 2: Download the latest version of iPhoDroid 1 shot from here. The download link is at the very bottom left of the page.

Step 3: Make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer via the USB cable. Launch iPhoDroid and click “shoot”.

Step 4: iPhoDroid will extract the touch driver and transfer the cache/system/data folders to your iPhone.

Step 5: iPhoDroid will now place your iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 6: After that, you will get the OpeniBoot splash page with different options (Apple, Android, Install, Uninstall). Use the volume buttons to highlight the “Install” option, then tap the Home button to select it.

Step 7: Some code will then be running on your screen. Once done, your iPhone will reboot in the Android OS.

Done! You can now enjoy your crippled iPhone running Android.

If you’re one of the few courageous men out there to try this hack, please let us know how it’s working for you by leaving a comment below.


  • Henry

    Hi, i have a question… i do it but after the process no start the OpeniBoot, the iphone appear in mode recovery and star normally in the OS, i don’t know if need some firmware special….. thanks for your help….

  • Work´s on IPhone 3GS 16GB ?????

    • iHail

      no does not currently support 3GS

  • Cam

    I would but it seems to only work on MAC. = (
    Still waiting for my Samsung Galaxy S……

  • Dadditude

    If Android on iPhone is ever feature complete and stable on iPhone 4, I might give it a try, as long as it’s a dual-boot option so that I could switch back and forth between the two operating systems.

  • @Henry Which Iphone do you have?
    @Mark Only works for 1st and 2nd Gen Iphones.

  • Chinzee

    Canyou make a call? Definetely worth a try!

    • iHail

      I do know if the iPhodroid can make a call I am sure that it can sees that iDroid can make calls and text

  • @Chinzee No one here had tried. If you do, make a video for everyone to see how it goes.

  • Bhavin

    How’s the battery life after installing android?

    • iHail

      well it takes about 1/4 battery life just to boot into it but other than that it is actually a really need ordeal

  • iHail

    I have android on my iPhone 3G but the way i did it I have lots of bugs to work out it sucks so I am excited to see how this runs

  • Mansor

    I’m stuck in step 5, the iphone reboot in recovery mode after 3 or 5 secs reboot again and load iOS 4.01 and the iphodroid app quits from mac.
    I’ve restore iOS 4.01 and I used to jailbreak.

    Any ideas?

  • kishan

    help me will

    after selecting install some blue script runs but ends up at cant load kernal

    • iHail

      iPhoDroid for windows have been messed up since he uploaded it. It will NOT read Kernel. Plus even if it did read your Kernel it will NOT ready they zephyr2.bin or the sd8686 file.

  • priyank

    y not a windows version for iphone 2g…..

  • BF

    Will this work on a iPod touch?

    • iHail

      Only the 1st generation iPod Touches

  • sagar

    i keep into recovery mode after restart

  • Wow! I didn’t know that was possible!

  • Yassen


  • flow

    does it work on a 2g 3.1.3 on it under winxp?

  • ken1011

    is this legal?



  • Will

    I keep getting stuck right at the end it says libertas: wlan0: marvell WLAN bo2.11 adapter

  • caleb

    it keeps going into recovery mode. please help

  • Neo

    step 6 did not appear for me, not able to see OpeniBoot splash page. instead of that apple logo shown. and after existing recovery mode, it was able to see the same previous jailbreaken screen.

    anything wrong ?

  • chiron jenkins

    battery life is terrible. i miss a whole bunch of calls, cant text, and have to be in wifi in order to get on the net. cannot get back to iphone os. click the apple icon and the screen goes white then shuts off. completely. no email, no contacts, no pictures,

  • shiva

    I see only Silent Mode and no ringtone.. How can I get ringtones and is there any possibility to get any apps or themes

  • Alex

    you need wifi to do this?


  • I’ve got to Step 5, I put my iPod 1G 3.1.3 in recovery mode, and pushed Load Install, and the app closed. Nothing else happens.