Yesterday night Facebook updated their iPhone application to version 3.2 which brings the new Places feature to our favorite phone. While this update comes with a cool new feature, it also broke the Facebook application all together for some of us (me included).

The symptoms are the following:

  • You get the “Unable to Load This Page” error message anywhere you go in the application
  • You get the “Error – sorry there was an error” message while trying to load Places
  • You get the “Login Failed – Unable to Connect to Facebook” error if you’re trying to log in the application.

The cause? Apparently the problem appears on jailbroken iPhones running BiteSMS.

The fix? The fix that worked for me was to uninstall BiteSMS. Facebook worked flawlessly after that. Once I reinstall BiteSMS though, the problems come back.

There is another fix explained on Redmond Pie:

I opened SBSettings, More, Mobile Substrate Addons. I then disabled BiteSMSsb, resprung, and now FB works fine. Not sure what that addon does, but so far BiteSMS works fine, as does FB.

This didn’t work for me. Well, actually it worked but then BiteSMS is completely crippled (ie. no quick compose), so I don’t really consider this a fix.

Considering I use the Facebook app every other month, my choice is clear: I keep BiteSMS running and leave the Facebook app for dead. Hopefully BiteSMS will be updated soon to fix this compatibility issue.

If you’re having the same problem, please share your experience in the comments section.

UPDATE: Thanks to CDXX who provided a link to an actual fix from BiteSMS developers in the comments:

Replace the file /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/biteSMSsb.plist with the one you download from

REBOOT not respring.

The BiteSMS dev also says that an update to the app will be made available on Monday via Cydia. Yippee!

  • Saice

    Yea, same here. I keep Bitesms who cares about facebook

  • Over

    SAme here… BUT I Don’t have BiteSMS installed but I use iRealSMS… no success ewith Mobilesubstrate… trying to get somewhere older version of FB…

  • Jay

    What if you don’t have BiteSMS installed in the first place?

  • Over

    Yeah, back on 3.1.3 facebook app… Thx installous… And the day is saved…

  • Jay

    Over, how did you do that?

  • Ryan

    I too do not have BiteSMS, but I got it to work by disabling iPhoneDeliveryMs in the Mobile Substrate options in SBsettings.

  • Over

    Deleted FB App 3.2… downloaded and Installed older verzion of FB App (3.1.4) from Installous … Done
    FB works again…

  • jeffwill2

    Never had BiteSMS installed. I uninstalled SBSettings and the FB App 3.2 still doesn’t work. Now see where they have released 3.2.1 and same error message when trying to log in.

  • Jay

    YUP that works! Thanks Ryan!

  • Z

    What cracked me up is the whole Places feature. I went ahead to check it out and all I got was “this feature will be available in your region shortly” LOL

  • jeffwill2

    Brilliant Ryan. Thanks so much!!

    “I too do not have BiteSMS, but I got it to work by disabling iPhoneDeliveryMs in the Mobile Substrate options in SBsettings.”

  • Rainrose

    Hahaha!! now I see the reason why! I deleted the FB app and reinstalled it again but still it won’t biteSMS is the culprit! well, Can’t live without my biteSMS..I hope they fix it soon. Thanks Sebastien! You’re the best! I read your blogs everyday!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • FL455H

    I had this problem too but, as I NEED BiteSMS, I just downgrade my FB app to an older version, seem’s like the best option for now. I reckon it won’t be long before BiteSMS fix this problem.

    So either downgrade FB or get rid of BiteSMS, the choice is yours!

  • Ron

    I’m having same issue, but don’t have biteSMS or irealSMS?? Any other ideas?

  • Rainrose

    Sometimes in times like this, you just gotta turn to installous! LOL! I had to install installous again to get the old version of Facebook, and yes, it’s working flawlessly now! Hahaha!!!

  • mohamed

    same problem ,, but I don’t have bitesms ,,,Any other ideas?

  • fatboyfarid

    It worked for me….

  • Daniel

    mohamed โ€“ try to install SBSetting and disabling iPhoneDeliveryMs. I got it works with this solution

  • Cameron

    I don’t have iPhoneDeliveryMs nor iRealSMS yet have the Facebook issue so there must be another Cydia app causing the issue. Hopefully some will figure out which one. Thanks all!

  • Cameron

    I take that back, PhoneDelivery exists by default. Anyone know what it does?

  • CDXX

    i rebooted and it still didn’t work. I then tried copying the file over again, and without any reboot, I tried logging in, and it worked! fb places, fb, bitesms, all working for me!

  • Over

    Hi everybody…

    I tried to update FB App to 3.2.1 but still have errors… I don’t use BiteSMS so I make some research on my own…
    Easy (but long) way how to figure out what cause errors for your FB app:

    1.Turn your iPhone into SafeMode then try FB It should go with no errors…
    Now you now problem is in some MobileSubstrate Addon installed with some other App you use… Go back to normal mode(Respring)

    2. Go to SBSetting -> More -> Mobile Substrate Addons … You see all apps using MobileSubstrate… (All of them are turned on normally)

    3. Try to turn off one by one(with respring) trying your facebook app for errors meantime.
    (I turned off first 5 then second 5 with first 5 turned on again and then eliminate (with hope only one MobileSubstrate Addon cause the problem) good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. After turning off that one which cause your FB errors,FB app will work normally…

    Mobile Substrate Addon incompatible with FB app causing errors was:

    – MobileLogLib

    (used by MobileLog ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope they fix it soon)

    I prefer MobileLog so the next step is: Download FB app version 3.1.4 from Installous… Places in new version wont however work in your destination…:D

    Im on 3G with fw3.1.2

  • Sam

    I can confirm Over’s comments.

    I am also on a 3gs, iOS4, jb with NO BiteSMS and no iPhoneDelivery in Mobile Substrate.

    However I do have MobileLog. Disabling MobileLogLib via
    SBSettings–>More–>Mobile Substrate Addons

    did the trick. FB 3.2 now working.

    Thanks, Dude.

  • frak

    Thanks. The biteSMSsb.plist fix worked like a charm.

  • Glad I found this post. I went ahead and downgraded FB while waiting for the biteSMS update on Monday. Gotta have my bite SMS!!

  • Michael

    Hi Sebastian you’re w genius!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I removed bite SMS and it worked! Guys check for cydia stuff… What you have installed from it bcos sometimes they interfere with other apps.. Anyway thanks alot Sebastian!

  • Dog

    try to disable SBSettings->more->iPhoneDeliveryMS

  • Dog

    try to disable SBSettings->more->MobileSubstrate->iPhoneDeliveryMS

  • DouglasInDallas

    I have 3GS and OS 3.1.3 biteSMS and jb. When first Places icon appeared, I didn’t want to click on it yet until I changed the Privacy Settings so I hit Inbox instead and got the page load error. Thinking it was a simple session error, I changed Privacy Settings to Only Me via PC,

    Powered off and reboot, still the page load error. Logged off then got the Login Fail error. Deleted and reinstalled and still got Login Error.

    Disabled BiteSMSsb, resprung, and FB loaded fine into Newsfeed. Clicked on Places and allowed location. FB got stuck loading friends locations. Clicked on Newsfeed and Inbox and then Notifications and again got stuck loading.

    Closed FB, opened again to Homepage, clicked on Newsfeed and loaded fine. Clicked on Places and got stuck loading. Clicked on Newsfeed and still got stuck loading.

    Closed FB and opened again to Homepage, clicked on Places first and loaded fine. Everything else running fine now.

  • Okay

    I have a iPod touch, and the facebook app installed. 3.2.2 version. I use to have my iPod jail broke, but then I upgraded my iPod and it took the jailbreak off. And since then, there have been no problems whatsoever. Then all of a sudden it says ‘Login Failed. Unable to load Facebook. please try again later’ I’ve cleared cookies, cache, etc. and still it doesn’t work. I’ve also turned my iPod off and back on and uninstalled the Facebook app and reinstalled it. And it still doesn’t work? It doesn’t work for 2 of my accounts. Then I made a new one, but it works? Does that mean my other 2 accounts are banned or something? Or would something pop up just telling me if I were banned? Please help >.<..

  • billy goenaone

    My beejiveIM,my phone+,n other application on my iPhone cannot link to facebook. Are is the problem because bitesms?because i have bitesms installed on my iPhone..please give me the way to fix this..

  • Candy

    My phone is not jailbroken and I am having the issues described above. My sister said she checked my profile because I was afraid I had been hacked and she said my profile is incomplete.

  • Sharon

    I’m having the same problem, only with a specific user I’m not able to login. with all other users (freinds), it is loggin ๐Ÿ™ any ideas?

  • deedee

    whew….i figured it out… fb download changed some stuff…so i logged on fb on my laptop went to account settings and created a username, saved it and logged out and then i logged on my iphone with my new username instead of my email address and waaaa laaaa it worked….hope this helps some one

    • Alex

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you deedee – that did the trick.

      • Bruce

        The username worked! Thanks

  • Bleh

    But what if we don’t have the biteSMS or watever

  • Not only Fb, but also twitter didnt work.. Anyway, I still need my Bitesms -.- I will just keep it and use fb on opera!