This is odd. Like nearly every phone available, when the iPhone 4 was released you had the option of purchasing the device without any commitment to upgrade your AT&T contract. 9 to 5 Mac shows us a section from Apple’s FAQ’s that has them saying  you the device requires a 2-year wireless contract. Take a look at what it says.

Originally the contract free iPhone 4’s were sold for $599-$699 without the AT&T subsidy. Apparently AT&T is saying that nothing on their end has changed, which has left some (including myself) wondering if this is because of the recent jailbreaking allowance granted by the U.S. Senate.

Have any of you recently bought a contract free iPhone 4? Or is this Apple’s passive aggressive nature coming out in hopes to kill off buyers who jailbreak/unlock an iPhone and resell it for higher profits?

  • Z

    I doubt anyone would pay more than the retail price of an iPhone, whether or not it’s jailbroken/unlocked. The phone is overpriced as it is already.

  • Pissed_off_Nerd

    This is Bullshit!
    I still have and am using my 1st Generation Original Iphone that YES is JailBroken and I’m using Tmobile as my carrier…$90 a month NO contract Unlimited Everything!

    I want a Iphone 4 but I haven’t made the purchase because for one I wanted to wait until a secure JB was available and two I feel like Apple going against what the nations goverment now approves is an outrage! You apple fckers are selling a phone! So Sell the fcking Phone! It’s a choice to want there shorty carrier so if I don’t want to come aboard the AT&T money sucking train then that’s my decision!

    Apple is dumb for this!
    And that’s why there now being bootlegged in big cities with fake but working iPhone 4’s now on the market for $200 flat!


  • Beakhand

    Just went in to apple store on thurs last week bought one for 699 all they asked me for was my license they only let 1 could not get one for wife

    • iPhone original, 3G, 3G S and 4 owner

      Was it new? I’m asking because I know they have a LOT of refurbished ones in there, just wanna make sure they didn’t jip you… And the 699 is the 32GB price right?

  • tom

    Apple say no can to craigslist , ebay.

  • Daniel

    Isn’t the difference between the subsidized and full retail-priced phone about the same as ATT’s contract termination fee? So IF this were true you could always just sign up for the contract, then drop it.

  • Ai

    Sebastien. No it’s not because of the jailbreak surge. From the very beginning when the phone hasn’t come out yet the FAQ already stated that you have to buy the service contract, even though on the other page it said you can buy a it unsubsidized.

  • Toto

    I asked that question last week, but they told me I cannot buy one without contract. If my contract is not still for upgrade option, (mine is due on oct next year) I would have to pay 499 for the 16Gb, and sign for 2 yr agreement.
    Otherwise, it seems that Mexico Apple Store, is going to sell it without contract at the end of sept.
    They are selling already the 3GS, for about 600 dlls…

  • Tony

    Got iPhone4 lastweek at the Apple store no contract , about $725.00 Ouch!!!

  • Gregor

    I’m using an iPhone 4 without any contract. As Apple also hast an official carrier in Germany (T-Mobile), I ordered my iPhone from the UK. Works perfectly and is way cheaper that way!

  • Ghettocowboy

    this is stupid. If AT&T did not furnish the phone at a discount price then they cannot enforce the contract. I paid full price for my 3GS when it was launched but as soon as I put an AT&T SIM card in the phone, I kept getting the TXT from AT&T to contact the customer service to upgrade my plan and that was the last time I was with AT&T

  • Matt

    Yes, I just purchased a no-contract iPhone 4 from the Apple Store in Indy. It is still possible to do so. You will just pay a lot more to have it with no contract and the ability to stop the service whenever you would like.

  • Lisette

    ONE question for those of you that bought one, did you get a micro sim card inside? Of not how did you activate your iPhone?
    I’m planning on buying one, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to activate it.
    By the way, any of you know if you can buy them on line and ship it? From the AT&T store or from apple. I don’t trust eBay

    Thanks for the help!

  • Got it from the AT&T store…they will give you one…if you pay for it you’re crazy….

  • Jared

    Can anyone help me? I have an iphone 3g running 4.1.. How can i jailbreak it? Please help!

  • sjp

    Restore to 4.0.1, then jailbreak…

  • I don’t understand why any of these cell companies even bother worrying about these darn plans or phones. Make them sell them and screw people out of a ton of money and don’t worry about what we do with them. We paid for them it’s our right to do with them what we want and we should be able to use who we want when we want to. These big companies once again always trying to control people by money, power, and direction. If I pay for it I will use it how I please and no company is gonna stop me or I will reek havoc on all by giving anything and everything I can get my hands on away to anyone and everyone. I believe that the government controls to much and these money lining pockets from businesses control to much and pass us general citizens around like pawns. If you have talent and you can understand where I am coming from show it piracy isn’t the problem big companies stealing and overcharging us is. Thanks for listening…. Swordfish

  • Ode

    This deal between Apple and AT&T is nothing but communism in a demoratic and supposely land of free trade. Can’t see why no one else sees it for what it is. Restriction and protectionism!

  • Vik

    everybody’s gonna b pissed ….. read dis…..

    I dnt think I ever gonna buy iphone again…. wait for Fido to give it to me for free

  • Scottymoon

    Okay, no-one answered “Lisette’s” question. And, it’s what i was wondering as well. I have a Go-Phone Sim. If i bought an Iphone 4, how would i be able to use it? They require MICRO SIM CARDS! The cutting seems a little ridiculous to me.. Is there a way i could get my Go-Phone number transfered onto a Micro Sim? Help, please.

  • You could always have your card cut by an adapter, trust me I use one all the time for my customers and it literally takes seconds to do. Also, 100000% YES you can use your AT&T GoPhone service with your iPhone 4 on AT&T. I sell iPhone 4’s every single day, new and pre-owned, on both AT&T and Verizon networks. So believe me, don’t let them fool you into believing that you need a 2 year contract, or any contract for that matter.

  • Lims

    Omg I’m getting sick of this iPhone 4 fever. i want one too and I’m liking going over the price and whether its unlocked or not for last several weeks. it was so easy when i was in my country. even thought it was a small country (Bangladesh) but at least ALL the phones were unlocked and WITHOUT a contract. I mean come on, don’t you wanna use your phone as you want after paying such a big amount? i feel like forgetting about iPhone, apple is doing whatever they want, it doesn’t make any sense that they are FORCING us to get under a contract!