Poor Steve. All he’s wanted to do since 2004 is tear down his old mansion in Woodside, California. The Jackling House as it’s called has been owned by Jobs since 1984 and apparently has historical significance that local preservationists wanted to keep around. I say that in past tense because as it seems is the case with everything Steve wants, Steve gets.

The house was designed and manufactured in 1925 for copper mining magnate Daniel Cowan Jackling. The architect behind the mastery was drafted by a celebrated Californian named George Washington Smith. Apparently that means something to a certain amount of someones.

9 to 5 Mac reports that back in ’04, Jobs was given permission to tear down and renovate the structure but a group called Uphold Our Heritage sued the city and the Apple CEO. The courts finally backed down if no appeal against the demolishing permit was filed. The dedicated members of Uphold Our Heritage dropped their last appeal on July 19th after Steve tactfully didn’t move on the tear down requested by a couple of local residents.

I say tactfully because now that appeal against such procedure has been abandoned, his lawyer Howard Ellman states “we’re going forward”. Not without an inventory though. A Quote from the Almanac News Report reads:

The town has hired architectural historian Michael R. Corbett to conduct an inventory of historically significant parts of the house. Preserving these items for posterity is a key condition of the demolition permit issued by the town in 2009.

All this seems insane really. I’m typically not for the destruction of historical landmarks but since this is technically a man’s house, he should be able to paint it bright magenta and put a Richard Simmons statue in his bathroom. It would be different if he was trying to buy an already marked landmark. Do you think the Jobs should have just left this alone and allowed the house to be used for historical reasons? Let us know in the never to be demolished comment box below.

  • Vpa021

    Let him have a taste of his own medicine. For those that don’t understand what I mean; I am referring to the iPhone.

    Steve doesn’t it suck when someone else tells you how and what you can and cannot do to your property???

  • I think Vpa021 summed it up perfectly.

  • Pete


  • Ben

    Jailbreak the house!

  • Ai

    Haha I love you guys:) I agree with Sebastien and all of you. Let’s sit back an see how this circus runs. I personally would prefer that he leaves it intact for its historical value and build another house next to it or somewhere else to his liking. He can afford that.

  • Mac

    The dev team should permited
    A house visit to this house
    Before they knocked down

  • Ghettocowboy

    This is scary. Apple fans are stalkers. This has nothing to do with apple products. It is all about Steve’s personal life.

  • Apple everything

    Ha do your rip jobs not nice when you pay top money for somthing and can’t do want you want with it bet you can’t jailey that live apple prods but don’t like you Steve jobs tell me somthing were is the justification in an extra 100 pounds for 16 gb more flash in ip4 don’t get 16 gb extra flash don’t cost 100 pounds just thought I would put that in

  • Ghu

    If you don’t like the Apple way, there are many other crappy phones you should buy like Nokia or Motorola phones. Those phones allow you to do anything you want and they suck and suck bad.

    This will make this a little clearer for you Apple haters/idiots:

    Apple = 5 stars fine dining restaurant where it has world-class chefs that prepare your five course meal for you from A to Z and gives you the fine dining experience.

    Other crappy phone makers = buffet

    I prefer the 5 stars dining experience over buffet any day.

  • Justceserved

    He’ll be dead before new house is finished…KARMA.

  • Sierra

    To all the haters, he died today. Are you happy now?