PwnageTool, the famous jailbreak that helps cook custom firmwares, hasn’t been updated by the Dev Team in a few weeks. Some hackers decided it was time to revive PwnageTool and released an unofficial version of it.

Since this is unofficial, I do not endorse or even recommend it. I’m just sharing the news with you. Now if you want to use it, do so at your own risks.

The steps to jailbreak your iPhone using PwnageTool remain the same but keep in mind this will only work for the iPhone 3GS (old bootrom only).

If my words haven’t killed your motivation to use this unofficial version of PwnageTool, you can download it here. Please let us know what your impressions are by leaving a comment should you decide to give it a try.


  • Mahyar

    can it jailbreak iPhone 3GS old bootrom?

    • PC

      Why not just use spirit jailbreak at

  • RG

    your title says 3GS, the texts clearly refers to 3G, so which is it ?

  • It will jailbreak the iPhone 3GS, and I am assuming that it will only do the old bootrom as the new bootrom requires a new exploit.

  • Sorry for the confusion. It will jailbreak the iPhone 3GS old bootrom only. I’m editing the post now.

  • Mahyar

    i have tried it but when i try to restore in DFU iTunes comes with a error 1600 and says that the iPhone could’nt be restored because of a unknow problem. now im trying to make an other .ipsw

  • Moe

    Has anybody been successful with this method?

  • Mahyar

    i have tried many different metodes now.
    i have tried to put in DFU and Recovery mode. when i put it in DFU a 1600 error and in Recovery its a 1604 error.
    i have tried to make different .ipsw but non of them work.

  • PC

    Redsn0w 0.9.5 can still jailbreak ios 4.0.2 in win and mac

    • Sohail

      Ya guys redsnow can be used but it work well with 3G only …

  • Brandon

    I downloaded it but i cant figure out how to get it to run i unzipped pwnage tool and everything

  • Brandon

    THIS DOESNT WORK no way to run this file

  • Jayy

    Why would you guys update?

  • Brandon

    this is awful

  • cozmo

    Tried on a PC and a Mac. Get errors every which way. using a 3gs with old bootrom

  • Africanite

    I still don’t get why many people out there refuse to heed warnings regarding upgrades. We’ve been told to not to upgrade because what 4.0.2 does is just block the exploit used on 4.0.1. People learn to obey warnings

  • Miau

    So in other words…don’t use this till an official jailbreak for 4.0.2 comes out. I am not exactly technologically savvy so I updated and realized too late I shouldn’t have. I am crossing my fingers that a jailbreak comes out soon…I wanna unlock my phone so that I can take it to the UK (if any of you have any suggestions regarding this topic please inform).

  • Mazher

    @miau downgrade your iPhone bak to the version on which your shsh were saved on cydia.. This is the best option and then upgrade it to 4.0.1 and jailbreak it frm…

  • Miau

    I never jailbroke it though and I thought that the downgrade with cydia was only if you had already backed it up and saved it. I never jailbroke my phone, I intended to but then upgraded. I really wanna take my phone abroad 🙁

  • firas

    i have a 3gs iphone, which was originally at 3.1.3, jailbroke it and enjoyed cydia for few days, but then i upgraded it to ios 4.0.2 through itunes 9.2, and now i have no idea if i can re-jailbreak it again??? i tried the redsn0w but it can’t recognize the ipsw of the 3gs iphone… and i can’t use the pwntool as i have a laptop with windows on it, and don’t have a mac laptop.

    any ideas and/or suggestions??? i even tried to downgrade to 4.0.1 through itunes9.2 but also in vain

  • Perry

    I used this with a mac and followed directions to the T but maybe I have new bootrom because I had just updated my software? The pwnage thing didnt give me the same options as pictured…it gave me 4 choices once i loaded the software. it asks the same options as the earlier pwn for 3.1.2, then it seems like its working when it extracts the software, then I get the error ” The phone “Iphone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1600). I really want my 3GS jailbroken again and I really messed up by updating the software-sice it is so confusing as everyone trting to sell this stuff makes you think they have a jailbreak.PLEASE HELP!

  • jim

    i dont even know how to launch pwnagetool 4.02… theres no executable file

  • Perry Stevens

    Jim-it only works on a Mac and didn’t work on my 3GS.

  • newbie

    I tried jailbreaking my iPhone 3gs OS 4.1 with PwnageTool as described above. However, on step #10, iTunes shows error 1600, refusing to install the custom ipsw file that was created. My phone screen kept showing the symbol of iTunes with the charger plug on it. Did I do anything wrong? Any help?