It was just over a week ago that it was announced that China would be getting a Wi-Fi capable iPhone 3GS to sell to its masses. Apparently things are moving fast because Apple Insider reports that the world’s largest market is set to receive the new iPhone 4 “in the beginning part of September”. It doesn’t stop there as it’s reported that the enormous country will also be getting its version of the iPad.

China Unicom will be unveiling the two products on separate dates following the removal of a ban of Wi-Fi devices. On the surface, it would seem like poor strategy to release the new iPhone so soon after its predecessor, however Apple has keened in on the buying power of the Chinese population. Two stores currently reside there while 25 new stores are planned for the country in which the phone is assembled in.

Is this smart business from Apple? Does the market potential call for both devices at once, or will the competition within itself cause less than expected revenue? Give us your two pennies in the comment section.

  • Naomi

    Ha! At least they won’t have to import it.

  • TBui123

    What sucks is that for every authentic iphone releases on their Apple Store market, there will be 100 fake iPhones (not replica) “fake” iPhone that people will be tricked into buying thinking that they are getting the real thing.
    It sad that they can’t trust their own people in their own market. Many people in Asia will go to the Apple Store to look, then they’re willing to pay top dollars for some one to buy the iPhone from the U?S. And either ship it or hand carrying back to them. Ironic isn’t it. The phone will says “made in China”, but they are afraid to buy it in China, but rather want to buy it from the U.S. Market, then take it back to China because there are so many fake products there.