It seems as if someone at Sony feels threatened by the iPhone and its ability as a gaming device. I’m not sure why since it’s quite obvious that the device isn’t the first toy you think of when you hear about “serious gaming”.

Nevertheless Sony has released a PSP commercial taking shots at what is obviously supposed to be an iPhone game. Kevin Butler (whose supposed iPhone has a game titled ‘Lame Castle’ on its screen) and young Marcus Rivers are featured in what is actually a pretty funny clip. Rivers tells Butler  that his phone is for “texting your grandma and calling your girl” and that it can’t handle “big boy games”.

Engadget has the full video that informs us that the PSP has games as low as $9.99. It’s an amusing little clip but why Sony feels the need to compare its PSP to the iPhone games is a bit bewildering.

I don’t know about you but when I play a game on my iPhone, it is usually to just pass time here and there. Never have I considered it to be a gamer’s device of choice. Is this just friendly banter from Sony or a bit of desperation? Give us your opinion in the comments right after you text your grandma.

  • Icepulse

    Guess they haven’t seen “Let’s Golf” or “Real Racing” for the iPhone.

    Also, why is a grade-schooler schooling an young adult about gaming? See… the kid has TWO devices. He need the second one to call the man and call him a sucker. The adult realizes that lugging around two devices is a pain-in-the-ass, and that the PSP is as dead as Dillinger.

  • Z

    Probably cuz PSP is history. There are games 250MB of size for iPhone that have better graphics, faster gameplay than a 1.5Gb game of the same type for PSP

  • Mac

    Hi sebastien I followed your downgrade
    From 4.0.1 to 3.1.3 I lost everything
    and now I m stuck with 4.0.2
    So dude I got screwed up following your
    Steps so bro I got to help me fix.

    • Z

      Dude, if you have SHSH saved, you can still downgrade. Unfortunately not even apple tech support will help u recover everything u lost.

    • @Mac Sorry you had problems while downgrading your iPhone. Unfortunately what you lost is definitely lost, unless you can sync your iPhone from a previous backup in iTunes.

  • Mac


    • zaba

      wrong section bro! you f$cked 🙂

  • Sony hás put some low res graphics on their video, trying to push some wrong image there. iPhone users will not buy it, but new users might.

  • thefallen

    lmao @ $9.99 sucka! hhahaha

  • andy

    i love my iphone 4, but i hate the apple company, also suck jobs,
    apple used to shot another company, i think it is fair enough for them to being shots by another company……

  • Ghettocowboy

    2 thumbs up for you Andy. Be a smart consumer, not be an idiot I mean a fan boy.

    Did you guys see the Win7 mobile with XBox Live integration preview on Engadget?? that is pretty awesome. Sony is following the same path with Droid 3.0

  • SoundSurround


    well, i would call this a paradox…

    • Z


  • Pittlife

    I was just thinking about this topic the other day. Ive been playing a lot of games on my iPhone latley. When the PSP came out I said to myself if it could make calls Id get it. Icepulse nailed it up top. I used to carry around my phone and my ipod, and couldn’t be bothered to carry around a gaming device even though I always kinda wanted a PSP. With the iphone I have all three of my gadgets in one. And yes Ethan I totally see it as a gaming device. Have you tried Madden 11, or one of my favs Geometry Wars or Asphalt 5. Once you get used to the touch controls its awsome…so I guess what Im saying is that there definatly is a reason for PSP to feel threatend.

  • BabylonX

    Since Sony hard locked their devices (the psp-3000 and the last psp-2000) enhancing the security and not allowing you to install a custom firmware, people stopped buying their devices. Don’t you think it’s kind of stupid taking such security measures 3 years since the initial release of your console? The new devices (like 2000, 3000 and the pspgo) are the same devices, meaning they play the same games and have the same CPU and GPU power. The core is the same, only design and some I/O hardware quality was changed. So how can a handheld device that’s 5 years old, was easily hackable, and now is unhackable stand against a device that might be a phone but we see a complete hardware revision at least every 2 years? IPhone is out since 2007 and there are 5 revisions since then and every one of them has real differences from previous revisions. Such device, even if it was unhackable (which is not) would sell like crazy. PSP doesn’t sell anymore. I personally advice Sony to leak the pandora recovery master key (the new security they added) making psp hackable again. I own 3 psp’s, all of them are 1000 and when people hear I have 3, they ask me to sell one of them and they offer me the same money a new 3000 costs.

  • Jon Garrett

    cute commercial but it wasn’t a swipe at the iPhone. there are like 3 or 4 t-mobile or verizon phones that look like the iphone so maybe this commercial was just a swipe at mobile-phone gaming in general.

    its still pretty lame though to compare a dedicated gaming device to a cellphone., if anything, Id shot back with a commercial showing the multitude of things a smart phone can do that the PSP can never do.