Remove Background is a new mod available in Cydia that adds a toggle to SBSettings allowing you to remove all apps from the task switcher, and kill apps processes at the same time. It’s pretty handy because your app switcher can get messy really quickly if you recently opened several applications

I’ve been looking for a similar app for a while and although Remove Background works as advertised, I find it to be too “extreme” for me. I rarely (if ever) want to kill all apps at once. Instead, I’d like to be able to select in the settings what apps I never want to run in the background or appear in the task switcher. If you’re a developer, feel free to use my idea…

What about you? Have you used Remove Background? What do you think about it?

  • Burge

    Yes I’ve used it and I like it. but I like the sound of your idear !

  • thefallen

    Works like a charm! Battery lifesaver!

  • I prefer remove recents.

  • Not that i’ve tried this…but I will since it does something completely different. My bad.

  • Kentaurus

    I was waiting for a function like this but would prefer a setup toggle you have mentioned.
    There are apps I never want to have in my taskbar and apps I would like to see there. So hopefully someone takes your idea and writes an app like this :-))))

  • Benji222

    Supposedly there is a way to control appps that you backround using backgroudner.
    Just toggle native and only select certain apps. Then with remove recents you can see what is actually being backgroudned that you want

    • Eric

      100% correct. That’s how mine is setup and its perfect. only apps inthe switcher are ones I set as overrides. But you don’t toggle native you toggle backgrounder using overrides. If u toggle native it’s going to BG all apps that use it. Used with remove recents then all in your switcher is BG or suspended apps YOU want there

  • actually there is an easier way, processes in sbsettings works the best for me. plus it has free up memory option. it’s in more section of sbsettings. if you need a guide to find it:

  • Z

    I don’t know whether it’s SBSettings or installous but almost every time I install an app, all the hidden icons for sbsettings, websheet etc pop up on my SB until a further respring. Anyone else has this issue?

    Thanks for the toggle, though I don’t see the point when you have processes toggle by default. But am off to checking it out.

    • Z

      P.S.: I doubt it’s installous that’s causing the problem, since even apps installed from app store cause all the hidden icons appear as well.

  • Scott

    Hey Z, I have the same problem too. Don’t have a solution, just letting you know your not along. Read somewhere that it has to with the jailbreak not being perfect.