NoCyFresh is a new jailbreak app available in the repo that provides a way to enable and disable Cydia’s refresh of packages at launch. You can still manually refresh by going to the Changes section and hitting “refresh”.

I haven’t personally tried it but I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have. It seems that NoCyFresh can be a real time saver. Comments?

UPDATE: iDB reader Burge tells us this is a dangerous package. After a bit of research, turns out he is correct. Don’t install NoCyFresh (or do it at your own risks)

  • Burge

    This is ment to be a dangerous package. This came out over a year ago and the last update got rid of this from sb settings.

    • Oh really? That’s too bad. I kinda like the idea of making Cydia faster.

      • Burge

        I like the sound of it as well. And I used to have this and did every update till the last one and that got rid of it. So no way will I put this on my. And yes it did work .

      • Z

        Sebastien, all attempts to make cydia faster, like removing cydia ads, and now this, have had their disadvantages. All in all, cydia needs a new UI. Rock is much faster working with and it allows you to continue working/searching/updating while your packages are being installed/removed. Why can’t that be implemented in Cydia? How about ios4 multitasking support?

  • Burge

    This was first on the repo modmyi and the the last update is still there ( ive just had a look ) and it says – this update will get rid of the dangerous package nocyfreah. So why are you putting this here as a new update. This post should be a warning not to use this.
    I thought that this blog site was up to date.

  • Burge

    Sorry for the rant but iam try to quit smoking and it’s just starting to get to me.

  • Derrick

    Can someone please explain how and why it’s dangerous? What does it do?

  • Jon Garrett

    Ive had this app for a couple of days now and so far it does NOT work as advertised. Cydia refreshes the same way it always has.

  • Burge

    I have sent email to the maker of nocyfresh and I’ll let you know what he says if anything.

  • Tzortst

    Burge you haven’t told us why this is dangerous, Can you please explain why this is dangerous?

  • Burge

    I don’t know why this is dangerous. All I know is that it came out over a year ago and I used it, then a update came out to remove it and it said that it was dangerous.
    Iam still waiting for the reply from the author.
    If I get one I’ll post it on here

  • Matt houser

    Please help. I installed this package and it broke my cydia. It will no longer boot up. Now what? Am i screwed.