Earlier this week, iDB reported on Apple’s newly purchase liquid metal company, Liquidmetal Technologies. Naturally our imaginations ran wild. Cult of Mac is bringing us back to reality, and linked a YouTube video showing us the real life capabilities the futuristic material is able to produce. While a transforming iDevice was nice to ponder, seeing what Liquidmetal Technologies, and thus Apple, may have in store is pretty bizarre in itself.

My question is, how will this be implemented into our favorite fruit companies products? How heavy is this stuff once it’s ready to be sold? And the biggest question, how much will adding this Terminator type metal cost us? Give us your opinion in the comment box!

  • It’s a high quality metal that should bring Apple’s problems to an end.

  • ghettocowboy

    This will add $500 more to the price tag of each Apple product, which is already way overpriced. It is an unnecessary purchase if they use this on the chassis of the macbook since no1 is gonna keep a macbook forever like people would keep an Omega watch.

  • Barbarossa

    Metal problems? High cost? Oh come, now. The only metal problem Apple has now is that it takes a huge block of aluminum and machines away 90% of it to make a body for the MacBook Pro or the Mac Mini. Of course, the waste metal is recycled but the machining takes time and energy. Using the ‘LiquidMetal’ alloys allows the same parts to be cast in bulk like so many plastic spoons.

    And aluminum dents easily. The LiquidMetal alloys are very “springy” – not only harder to deform but less likely to leave a permanent dent.

    The alloys themselves are not that expensive – just the licensing, and Apple has already paid for that. The metal is easy to cast at a relatively low temperature and unlike other cast metals (Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, & other “white metal” alloys) the finished casting is very strong and very hard. Because the alloy is made of atoms of widely dissimilar sizes, a crystal structure cannot form as the metal cools. It ends up as an amorphous soild like glass. Without a crystal lattice there are no weak points to easily fail or to propagate cracks.

    Apple also has a patent for parts (casings, mostly) made of ceramics which are not only very hard and durable but totally transparent to radio frequency waves (RF) allowing signals to go through the case.

    The best of both worlds is to have a part made of a lightweight porous closed-cell ceramic and then to fill the spaces with a LiquidMetal alloy (think of a brick soaking up molten aluminum and then cooling.) This metal-reinforced ceramic would be literally bulletproof. Tiny parts could be press-formed from a ceramic paste, fired, and then filled with the alloy giving lightweight but immensely strong parts that were also corrosion resistant – think hinges, handles, buttons, antennas, cases, &c.

  • Pete


  • @sabastien
    U shud read babarossa’s comment. Not only iteresting, but Very true.

  • With such technology, products will change in amazing ways. And not just computer type products either…

  • Danny

    Apple is no dummy company. During the 2 years of evaluating Liquidmetal-cast components, Apple has already considered the cost to use it. And after 2 years of evaluating this state-of-the-art technology, Apple is now convinced that in whatever way they choose to use it, it will be cost-effective and will add value to their already-superior products. Apple typically doesn’t jump without looking. Liquidmetal stock (LQMT) is the place to invest your money right now.

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