Apple news junkies 9 to 5 Mac have revealed some interesting info, via DVICE, about what they say possibly being the Verizon iPhone. Just to warn you, the following claims may induce severe skepticism, high levels of doubt, and a good old-fashioned belly-laugh.

First, the rumored device is said to pack a next-gen A4 chip, which fires at 1.2ghz. Sick of that 3.5 inch screen? No problem, because this unicorn of a handset will up its traditional size to 3.7 inches. Personally if I were going to start a rumor, I would have at least made the screen 4 inches, but that’s just me. Last but not least, the Verizon version of the Jesus Phone would come with a relocated antenna, placed internally.

9 to 5 Mac makes no bones about this information being illegitimate, but don’t rule out the possibility that these specs would accompany the 5th generation iPhone. That doesn’t sound too crazy, however at this point none of this has much foundation to rest on.

What do you think? Will we see any of this come January, or should we put this device next to the “iPhone Nano”? Let us know in the comment section.

  • Apple is not going to release a CDMA iPhone until 2012. That’s when they’re exclusivity runs out with AT&T. So until then these “Verizon iPhone” rumors are just that. Mark my words. No CDMA iPhone until 2012.

    • Actually that is not true. Att and Apple have both reported to the FCC that their exclusivity is being terminated at the end of 2010 due to AT&T not keeping up their part of a certain issue in the agreement. Also if you did way deeper Apple just got clearance and already put up a CDMA tower on Verizon’s network and also ( i forgot the companies name) their has been a large number of CDMA chips ordered to Apple. Is this why ATT is letting everyone upgrade early who will be eligible by the end of the year??? Well find out in 2011

  • Takean

    Plus they would kill consumer confidence faster than Sega if they released a better iPhone so soon after doing the iPhone 4. Bad business move.

  • Eugenius

    Screw verizon I want an iPhone on sprint. 4G 😀

  • Yes, these specs are stupid as they have already built an CDMA iPhone and are currently testing it. You got to know how to look at What phone builders have to request before testing a phone. Like they asked permission from the FCC to build a CDMA tower I’m there testing sight??? Why else??

  • Teh_trout

    Next iPod touch including an antenna for 3G just like the iPad?