It has been more than 7 weeks since Apple released its iPhone 4 in the United States, so you should be able to walk-in to most of its retailers and purchase one, right? Not according to Mac Life, who reports that Apple Insider sent an analyst to various stores to collect the data. He found that of the 30 stores he strolled into, just 16 had any stock.

For the math wizards reading this, you have deciphered that to be just over having a 50% chance as a “walk-in”. While the flip of a coin type odds may seem harsh, all stores made it apparent that each of them are still receiving daily shipments, in hopes to meet some of the demand that still exists. The optimistic man will note that before July 10th, 0/20 stores had stock iPhone 4’s for sale.

When the iPhone 3GS was released last year, most countries reported curtailing the demand by late September, early October. Gene Munster, who conducted the walk around, stated “We had expected near full in-store availability in the U.S. by now”, in reference to the shortage of iPhone 4’s. Why he thought this I’m not sure, since as of this week it was still 3 weeks backorder on Apple’s website.

More now than ever it shows how little effect “Antennagate” actually had on the selling of the iPhone 4. It’s been the fastest selling Apple product ever. Munster was quoted in saying he believes that the units will have sold 11 million worldwide in September. That’s a lot of bumpers!

  • Mac

    Sebatienos I m not buying iPhone4
    I m going to wait tell next gen

  • fa


  • fa

    ur web site sucks

    • Mac

      Fa what going down dude

  • Jason masters

    Fa if it sucks then leave idiot

  • Pete

    Finally got mine yesterday here in BONDI Beach Oz. Took 4 hours in store as only 3 people processing contracts. But fantastic service when it happened. Must say I hate the new shape/design compared to former shape. But bumper will fix it sliding off everything & improve grip. Am having no antenna probs & no yellow screens. Luv it!!

  • I agree with Mac – maybe next gen is the way to go. Maybe I’ll go and get my tent set up outside the store now so I can get iphone 5 first …

  • Michael Simpson

    I Called 8 AT&T Stores & no one had them but i called a local wal*mart and they had 2!


    • Z

      You can’t do an upgrade at Wall-Mart

      • Mac

        Instead you can get a big
        Fried turkey leg

      • Z

        Or lose your kid in 5seconds

  • John

    In new Zealand there was a massive shortage with vodadone pointing at apple and visa versa! Got mine last week, my local VF store did the right thing an made a waiting list. I love it! “Waze” is a great free realtime traffic gps app by the way!

  • appletiser

    Lol Waze is free for a reason, 99% of the roads in my immediate area in the UK apparently do not exist, it’s a good job i know my way around cuz with it id be bloody lost 😛

    • John

      Waze is user created! If you don’t have the roads record them then you will! The more users the better it is! It also has great community features

  • Will

    Yeah tell me about . I pre ordered mine an did the right choice. Unfortunately , a motherfucker atoms my iPhone 4 at this party . Of course, I had to get another one retail price 32 gig. I would call every store in my town and no luck until I put my name at radio shacks waiting list and luckily I was # 3 on the list and got a call within 4 days and got one ! Can’t live without this amazing toy . I was going through withdraws when i didn’t have my i4.

    • Will

      Stoled *

      • Ethan

        Wow. Sorry to hear your i4 was stolen. Do you have MobileMe? I tested the FindMyiPhone feature it offers, & found it’s accuracy to be amazingly precise. Perhaps I am a bit protective of my iPhones, but they are never out of my sight. Rarely out of my hand/pocket.

  • SillyBear

    Canada has the worst supply. Stores are receiving 3 to 4 phones each every few days. They get sold 5 mins after they arrive so unless you intend to spend the entire say waiting in a store you won’t get one. Apple isn’t allowing any direct orders either. This is absolutely the worst.

  • Supprised people don’t start setting up campsites in the Apple stores ha!

  • Z

    I called the nearest store, they were out, but the new shipment is coming in on Monday. Called 5 more stores – no luck. So called back to the local store and reserved one.