In my previous post today I was telling you the Dev Team was working on a patch for the PDF exploit found in iOS and not fixed by Apple on older iPhones and iTouch. The PDF Patch has been released in Cydia for free and you can install it now.

PDF Patch will fix the security hole that was used by JailbreakMe and could potentially be used to inject malicious softwares on your device.

If you have updated your iDevice to 4.0.2, there is no point using this patch. However, if you’re still on an older iPhone 2G or iPod Touch 1G, or if you don’t want to update to 4.0.2, then this patch will be for you.

  • Steve84

    Do 3GS owners need this as well?

    • Read the last paragraph. It answers your question

  • Kev

    If you install this, can you still re-jailbreak if you uninstall it?

    • Cas

      Yes once it jailbroken that’s only when u can install and yes it’s reversible so u can uninstall it and re jailbreak if the need arises

  • Kev

    With jailbreak me on iphone 4 i mean.

  • Vitaliy

    If you have your SHSH files stored on Cydia server, then of course. The only way you can rejailbreak your iphone is if you restore it back to 4.0 or 4.0.1. If you are jailbroken, no need to rerun the jailbreak.

  • If you have an iPhone or iTouch that is jailbroken, and want to keep it that way, then YOU NEED THIS PATCH.

    Simple as that.

  • Miau

    So my question is the same as Kev’s…I installed update 4.0.2 today and want to jailbreak my phone…since I installed it I can’t anymore?

    • Cas

      The only way u can jailbreak is if u downgrade to 4.0.1 or 4.0 if ur quick as apple are still signing 4.0.1 u need to download official IOS 4.0.1 and downgrade to it. Google it or go to iclarified but be quick cos apple will stop signing soon.

  • John

    I think they are or will be

  • Ali Dashti

    Please, i messed up everything…. i updated to 4.0.2 and i need help, any way to downgrade to 4.0.1 or to 3.1.3 =(

    would appreciate your help

      • Ali Dashti

        I tried this way, before i post my problem here… I’ve got an IPhone 3G[S] with iOS 4.0.2, as what i’ve read all other the web, there isnt any jailbreak for it =(

        so im trying to downgrade to 4.0.1… i tried the link u provided before i posted my problem here…… With no success
        iTunes just showed up an Error Code ” 3194″ which comes up after i checking with apple…

        i’ve also changed my hosts file, still with no success i tried other iOS firmwares, still with no success

        please i really need help in this, if you could help me ill be very greatful =(