As Sebastien reported just a bit ago, Apple released software update 4.0.2. This “update” is said to have addressed to the PDF exploit that the Dev Team discovered, thus allowing JailbreakMe to function with ease. For those of you who aren’t jailbroken (which includes me), do you really plan to update this time?

It would have been nice of Apple to include the various features such as Game Center in this round, but perhaps the Beta isn’t quite perfected to release to the masses. It’s clear that this update was specifically aimed to prevent JailbreakMe from enticing those who buy their phone from today on. I bet the Dev’s get all fuzzy inside when Apple directly implements fixes aimed at their work. I give credit to them (devs), as they do work hard on these jailbreaks.

I think I will be sitting this update out. It may even have a counterproductive effect on me. Now that the hole is patched, I just may jailbreak for the heck of it. How about you? Will you update this go around, or wait for a real update? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Ifonechip

    I have to agree with you. It’s odd that Apple would wait till now to put this patch out unless they had this planned to disrupt the JB iPhones. Yea I’m going to sit this one out. I down loaded the PDF from cydia.

  • Michael

    I did the update to 4.0.2, and now the phone won’t connect via USB to itunes, or indeed the laptop…. absolutely no recognition at all other than an error message telling me an unknown error has occurred, given this, I wouldn’t be in a rush to do the update, and hopefully the boffins at apple with fix this latest in their parody of errors.

  • I won’t update until there is a jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2

    • Z

      Second that

  • Apple released this patch not only to prevent jailbreaks, but to close a security breach that the previous version had and even the new jailbreaked versions had already fixed. This exposure should be fixed anyway, but the sooner the better. I won’t like getting a virus or something because of it, but I liked the JB solution better than apple’s. Dev team has posted an YouTube video already.

  • KinGz

    Wear a condom while using your iphone and you wont catch any viruses

  • Blockhead

    My iPhone is still on iOS4. I will not be upgrading until iOS 4.1 comes out. There is no point updating and risk JB/Unlock.

  • Of course not. I don’t ever upgrade until there is a jailbreak available for it.

  • Roja

    Just upgarded to 4.0.2 on a 3Gs … now I cant make calls at all and I am not the only one. Thanks again Apple

  • Chris

    I applied the 4.0.2 update this morning and bricked my iPhone 4. Unable to recover. “An unknown error has ocurred (3014).” 🙁

    WTF Apple!???

  • Alvaro

    Sebastien… I can’t believe you aren’t jailbroken!

    • Ethan

      Sebastien is I believe, however I’ve yet to make the switch on the i4.

    • @Alvaro Of course my iPhone is jailbroken, which is why I won’t update to 4.0.2 (I don’t want to lose it)

  • Alvaro

    Ethan, I just assumed the post was from Sebastien. I’m sure Sebastien IS jailbroken. I encourage you to do the same. I have a 3GS with 4.0.1, jailbroken and unlocked. Very happy, all is working perfectly.

  • Alfa555

    I just update my iphone 3gs with ios4.0.1 to ios 4.0.2 and everything is gone! Jailbrak, softwares, tomtom all foechi! I ll never update that funckt thing.. and i hate Apple!

  • Jen

    I upgraded and it seems to have fixed my broken wifi issue.

  • Alvaro

    @Sebastien I won’t update either for the same reason. I’m quite sure that Comex will release a MAC/PC version of the code so one will be able to JB the phone without needing to navigate to the site on the phone.

    How about it Comex? BTW, thanks for all your hard work.

  • KEN

    I upgraded both my wife’s and my 3GS phones this week. They are not jail broken. Now both of them are locking up in various applications. I would not suggest anyone upgrading right now until they resolve this. What a pain in the butt.

  • Mark

    I upgraded my 3gs last week and since then i can’t make or receive calls and can’t send or receive text messages either.

    My phone has never been jailbroken and is now sat in the shop where i bought it from for God knows how long until someone comes up with a solution……

    Not impressed!!!!!!

  • Richard

    hell with the new stuff…when do I get my bluetooth to work in my car again? That went away with 4.0