A few of you have asked me what wallpaper I use on my iPhone so I figured I’d post it here for you to download. I found it online a few weeks ago but I can’t remember exactly where. If you know where it’s from, please post the link so I can credit the designer of this wallpaper.

Update: Thanks Stan for the update. This wallpaper is from Effektive Design. They have more colors there.

  • Here you go Seb, After a little while of searching I have found the website that this wallpaper came from. An independent Design Studio from Glasgow called Effecktiv, designed this wallpaper and here is the URL to their website: http://www.effektivedesign.co.uk/#476578/Grid-App-for-iPhone-iPad
    This is a great wallpaper thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Thanks Stan

  • Z

    I just spent all night modifying Clear Rain for iOS4 theme. Comes with a lockscreen, folders, dock, switcher and some other modifications. Though I’m using it with my 3GS on iOS4, the quality is great.
    Areas modified:
    1. Lockscreen (bundles copied from “Best Clear Lockscreen”)
    2. Folder Icon (using the no boarder clear folder icons from “Clear 4.0 folders”)
    3. “Glass Theme” for sbs settings

    And now I’m thinking of either getting rid of the icon labels or changing the font color. I could use some hints on “how-to” =)

  • Ethan

    All this talk of themes brings back memories of my iPhone 3G. Haven’t jailbroke since then.